Yes, hotels are built for convenience, entertainment and general comfort, but, can you bring alcohol into a hotel?

It’s quite interesting carrying your own drinks from home, along with some of your other belongings to a hotel. First, this gives you confidence that you’re in no way going to run into poisoned drinks, and secondly, it saves you in such cases as where the hotel doesn’t have your favorite fine wine to serve.



And finally, this won’t let other people (probably your friends that are present at that time in the hotel) know the kind of drinks you take. However, the case is slightly different when it involves alcoholic drinks.

Can You Bring Alcohol into a Hotel?

Statistics have it that about 85.6% of people in the U.S. from 18 years and above reportedly take or have taken alcohol sometime in their life. But that isn’t enough reason for you to bring your beer or champagne into a hotel room.

That being said, before you rush into a hotel with your favorite alcoholic drink, here are certain things you should consider:

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  1. Restrictions to bring eatables from other sources
  2. Hotel reservations to alcoholic drinks usage
  3. Alcohol age restrictions

#1: Restrictions to Bringing Eatables from Other Sources

It’s not every hotel that will let you bring in foods or other forms of beverages from outside. This could be due to the fact that such a hotel actually makes profits from both your lodging charges and all other things you purchase from their mart during your stay.

Thus, bringing in your own food and beverages will keep you away from their restaurant, which in turn will reduce the total amount of money that they can make from you.

During your stay in a hotel, the hotel is also responsible for any damages inflicted on you. Due to this reason, most hotels will not allow you to bring in anything that could harm you; since if anything bad happens to you, they may be the ones to face the consequences.

So, on your arrival at such hotels, security officials would conduct a search through all your bags and luggage, and If they find any edible items, the management of the hotel may nullify your bookings.

#2: Hotel Reservations to Alcoholic Drinks Usage

Aside from restrictions to bringing in eatables, some hotels may restrict or bluntly prohibit any form of intake of alcohol.

Though taking alcoholic drinks is not a crime, medical practitioners actually warn about the health damages that excess alcohol could inflict on your body.

To avoid witnessing adverse effects, some establishments would not allow people to take alcohol within their promises, and in just a few cases, each adult is limited to taking a maximum of two bottles of alcohol daily.

#3: Alcohol age restrictions

Yea, everyone is legally allowed to take alcohol at the age of 18, but still, some hotels have some weird age restrictions for alcoholic drink intake.

This is because, sometimes, even at 20, some young people’s organs may have not been so developed enough to withstand the drastic effects of alcohol. In some individuals, it’s 20, and in others, it’s 23.

There could also exist a threshold of 18 to 40 or 20 to 50…

If a client’s age doesn’t correspond with the age restrictions for alcoholic intake in the hotel, he or she could still gain access to the hotel depending on the percentage measure of the alcohol or how much damage the drink could cause them.


To know if you can bring your champagne or beer into a hotel room, I would recommend you check out the rules and norms of any hotel you wish to book. You can do this by either word of mouth, that is, by enquiring from people that have visited that same hotel, or by reading up the hotel’s policies via their website.

Another thing you can quickly do is to read customer reviews about that specific hotel.