Looking for some fun things to do in Aurora, Illinois?

Aurora is a stunningly beautiful city that you should visit. It is the 144th most populous city in the United States and the second most populous city in Illinois, after Chicago.

You can take your family and friends to the city’s parks, zoos, sports venues, farms, restaurants, shopping, and other attractions.

It is a rapidly developing city, full of enterprises and attractions, and provides an excellent environment for new business owners.

Aurora is an excellent option whether you’re traveling alone or want to explore due to the welcoming atmosphere you’ll find there.

This article discusses the most enjoyable attractions and activities in Aurora, Illinois.

Things to Do in Aurora, IL

1. Pomegranate Restaurant

Are you looking for places to get great meals in your tummy? Not just any restaurant; stop at @pomegrabate Restaurant for pleasure.

This restaurant is a family-run American eatery that offers lots of delicious and healthy food.

Do you have any food allergies? A banquet room has to be reserved for a future event. Give them a call, and they will be at your disposal.

Reservations are unnecessary for those who wish to order breakfast or lunch. There are lots of slots available for everyone. Whether traveling alone or with family, you’d undoubtedly have a great time here. You would do well to stop by this fantastic restaurant for a treat.

Location: 55 S Commons Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

2. Gary Brown Art Gallery

Get ready to blow your mind if you’re an art fan at Gary Brown Art Gallery.

This fantastic art gallery is a haven of excellence and displays many unique treasures. You should put a visit to this location at the top of your list of things to do in Aurora, Illinois.

Gary Brown Art Gallery
Credit: GaryBrownArt / Facebook

The address of this gallery and studio is 7 S. Broadway. View and buy the artwork of featured regional artists like Gary Brown.

You can visit this art gallery on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 AM to 7 PM and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM to 7 PM. Visit this location with a fellow art fan or your significant other for a memorable day out.

Location: 7 S Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

3. Yetee Station Arcade

Do you like playing video games? Come to Yetee Station Arcade to get all of your adrenaline pumpings.

Playing a game or two might reduce stress and improve your attitude during those dreary days.

Yetee Station Arcade
Credit: YeteeStationArcade / Facebook

A Free play arcade is in operation at Yetee Station. Why does that matter? You can enter the building for the entire day for $15; no quarters are required! You are free to play all of our games as often as possible.

Keep your receipt, get dinner at one of the many downtown eateries, and then return for same-day re-entry.

The music played here ranges from the 1980s to the present. Included are traditional button mashers, pinball, and rhythm games.

Parking is free, and you and your friends can have a lot of fun.

Location: 11 N Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

4. North Aurora Island Park

Beautiful views, a tranquil atmosphere, and a cool breeze. You should include this location in your list of things to do in Aurora, Illinois, as it is a beautiful spot.

This location is ideal for you if you are traveling alone, with family, friends, or a significant other.

Because of the breathtakingly incredible vistas and perspectives, you’d shoot fantastic pictures in this location. Enjoy a free live performance in the evening while lounging beside North Aurora’s lovely Riverfront Park.

Bring a lawn chair, a blanket, and a picnic basket, or get a tasty pizza slice from Raimondo’s.

At Riverfront Park, bands perform in the gazebo west of Village Hall. Island Park, North Aurora Activity Center, and public lots on the southwest side of the riverfront area all offer free parking.

Concerts are held each summer by the North Aurora River District Alliance on the second Thursday of June, July, and August.

Location: ITE North Aurora, IL 60542, United States

5. C Club

Love the boisterous atmosphere, music, and abundance of alcohol in Aurora, Illinois? The club is unquestionably your finest choice.

You’d enjoy yourself immensely while taking in live performances, meeting new people, and listening to your favorite music.

C Club
Credit: CClub / Facebook

This quiet club is a perfect location to unwind with a refreshing beer, delectable food, tasty dinner treats, and dancing to work off some of the day’s stress.

Include this location on your list of Aurora things to do. You would undoubtedly like being in this place.

Location: 2445 Church Rd, Aurora, IL 60502, United States

6. Fox Valley Malls

Visit the Fox Valley Malls for all of your retail requirements. Because of the kind service and neat presentation, you’d have a terrific experience buying here.

Top stores are housed at this upscale mall in Aurora, Illinois, which also provides upscale dining, entertainment, and shopping.

JCPenney and Macy’s are two of its anchor stores. More than 120 retail stores, restaurants, and services are available at the 1,500,000-square-foot enclosed mall, home to prominent national brands like H&M, Forever 21, Express, and Victoria’s Secret.

Fox Valley Malls
Credit: Patch / patch.com

Round 1 Bowling & Amusement, a cutting-edge entertainment facility including bowling, billiards, an arcade, karaoke, and more, is one of Fox Valley Mall’s newest additions. This 50,000 square foot, the 2-story venue is jam-packed with family-friendly entertainment.

A good lunch at one of the adjacent restaurants might be obtained after a long day of shopping at Fox Valley Mall, conveniently positioned on Illinois Route 59 between U.S. 34 and several other stores and renowned eateries.

Location: 195 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

7. Legendary Escape Rooms And Axe Throwing

The industry’s most innovative and cutting-edge escape rooms and axe throwing are found here.

You may attempt their escape room games, in which you and your team are imprisoned in a room with a theme and have to follow clues, look for evidence, solve riddles, open locks, and cooperate to get out before your time runs out. You only have an hour.

Legendary Escape Rooms And Axe Throwing
Credit: LegendaryEscapeRoomsAndAxeThrowing / Facebook

Will you succeed in escaping the most unusual and difficult escape rooms? Seven rooms are provided, including the party and new-age axe-throwing rooms. You should include this as an extra activity on your list of things to do in Aurora, Illinois.

Without a doubt, you’d have a great time here.

Location:44 W New York St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

8. Chicago Premium Outlets

Visit this great shopping center for a first-rate shopping experience, just like its name suggests. You may always purchase with high quality and without stress in this location.

Chicago Premium Outlets
Credit: SimonPremiumOutlets / premiumoutlets.com

You may find the season’s hottest trends at Chicago’s premier shops, which include 140+ boutiques. This location offers fantastic discounts in addition to a wide variety of clothing brands all year.

For a fantastic shopping experience, travel to Chicago Premium Outlets.

Location:1650 Premium Outlet Blvd, Aurora, IL 60502, United States

9. Aurora Public Art

Visiting Aurora Public Art is the ideal way to spark your imagination and reduce high blood pressure.

There are already more than 50 public artworks in Aurora, and there will be more. Murals and sculptures are everywhere along the Fox River Trail, from the Aurora Transportation Center to the Santori Public Library, in and around the area’s historic buildings, eateries, and stores.

Aurora Public Art
Credit: EnjoyAurora / enjoyaurora.com/

You’ll undoubtedly uncover a work of art that stirs up your curiosity and inner ideas.

Using the Otocast app, you may have a guided tour of the sculptures and murals in downtown Aurora by selecting Aurora Public Art.

Locations, driving instructions, pictures, historical details, and a brief audio sample are all included in the Otocast guide for each piece of outdoor artwork.

Interviews with the artists who made the installations are featured in many of the audio clips. You would have a fantastic time here.

Location:20 E Downer Pl, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

10. Aurora Regional Fire Museum

The Aurora Regional Fire Museum alters the mindset of the locals by demonstrating that history can be enjoyable and fascinating.

The museum is housed in a historic structure built in 1984 and offers various interactive and instructive exhibits.

Their primary goal is to inform the public in a fun and exciting way about the fire service and fire safety.

Aurora Regional Fire Museum
Credit: AuroraAreaConvention&VisitorsBureau / enjoyaurora.com

All ages are welcome to take advantage of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum’s scout programs, instructional, scheduled group tours, and drop-in tours.

The Aurora Regional Fire Museum and its members have worked hard to preserve and present the city’s firefighting history.

You can operate a fire vehicle simulator at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum and learn how to use the horns and sirens.

Location:53 N Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

11. The Turf Room

Modern flatbreads, spaghetti, shellfish, and chops are available at The Turf Room, a rustic new American lounge, in addition to wine flights.

At your discretion, you could eat in or get takeout. A seasonal American eclectic meal is available at The Turf Room.

You can be sure of a fantastic experience in their three dining rooms, lounge, or wine bar. So sit back, unwind, and take in positive energy and helpful service. Especially noteworthy is the distinctive cuisine.

Twenty more wines are available by the glass, and there are flights of wine available at their wine bar. You could also sample their tapas offerings. You would undoubtedly enjoy yourself in this location.

Location:650 Randall Crossing Ln, North Aurora, IL 60542, United States

12. Spartan Ale House

Spartan Ale House offers a variety of traditional American bar cuisine and a full drink menu in a laid-back, contemporary sports bar setting.

They give food that makes you miss home and improve it, from wings to burgers, pizza to steak.

Spartan Ale House
Credit: WhatNowChicago / whatnowchicago.com

Fortunately, you can taste Spanish food. Try some deliciously prepared mac and cheese, pork sandwiches, and Greek salads.

Sampling delectable biscuits, dessert cookies, and ice cream here is fun. The most sought-after beverages at this pub include delicious craft beer, wine, and draft beer.

Your trip to Aurora won’t be complete without going to this location.

Location:1032 Prairie St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

13. Saddle Up @ Q Saloon And Eatery

The country-themed entertainment and sports bar Saddle Up @ Q is situated in Aurora, Illinois.

Fantastic food, a full bar, live music, DJs, karaoke, bar trivia, acoustic music, line dancing, and other live entertainment are all available here.

Saddle Up @ Q Saloon And Eatery
Credit: SaddleUpatQ / saddleupatq.com

You would enjoy the fantastic ambiance, service, customers, and great meals.

This place will become one of your favorites after a visit. You could go here with family or close friends. It’s a beautiful encounter.

Location:4440 Ogden Ave, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

14. Northgate Shopping Center

In Aurora, Illinois, a posh retail center called Northgate will undoubtedly meet all your demands.

This location should be added to your list of things to do in Aurora if you enjoy shopping in a welcoming setting that makes it simple and enjoyable.

This upscale shopping center is located next to Gregory Park and Calvary Cemetery.

Northgate Shopping Center
Credit: NorthgateShoppingCenter / Pinterest

The 1950s saw the construction of the enormous painted metal sign at the Northgate Shopping Center with the neon lights ending in starbursts.

Early 20th-century signs could be illuminated thanks to electricity. Still, as the century went on, new designs emerged, including space age symbols in the 1950s due to the era’s preoccupation with outer space.

When you visit this great city, include this destination on your list of Aurora, Illinois, things to do.

Location:900 N Lake St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

15. Seven Setting Suns Art Gallery

This site will undoubtedly be quite intriguing to art lovers. Without stopping by this fantastic art exhibit, your trip to Aurora would be incomplete.

This place has many intriguing artworks and antiquities that will keep you occupied and soothe your tense nerves. The Renaissance man Vincenzo Valenziano’s art museum, Seven Setting Suns, is incredibly intriguing.

Seven Setting Suns Art Gallery
Credit: AuroraDowntown / Facebook

Along with discovering the beautiful antiques in this great art center, you’d meet friends who share your enthusiasm for art.

The surroundings are serene. You would take amazing pictures in this art gallery, and on your next trip to Aurora, you wouldn’t hesitate to swing by once more because you would undoubtedly see something that caught your eye.

Location:14 W Downer Pl, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

16. Black Door Pub

One of the premier places in Aurora that you should visit is the black door pub. They provide you with delectable meals and a wide selection of drinks.

Black Door dominates the nightlife scene in the City of Lights with a crew of badasses, the greatest DJs, bartenders, food, and great VIP experiences.

Black Door Pub
Credit: BlackDoorPub / Facebook

You would have a lot of fun in this fantastic area. I would unquestionably recommend Black Door Pub if you want great music and a five-star experience, whether you prefer to sit outside or not.

You’d want to go back here the next time you’re in Aurora because of the delicious food and tranquil, lovely surroundings. This place is frequently used for taking gorgeous photos.

It would help if you stopped by this exclusive location during your trip to Aurora. Do well to include this location on your Aurora, Illinois, list of things to do.

Location:255 E Indian Trail Rd, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

17. Altiro Latin Fusion

When you arrive at this location, the calm surroundings immediately make you feel at ease and at home. You’ll get goosebumps in the warm environment as well.

With its sixth site, the family-run restaurant chain Altiro Latin Fusion has locations all over Northern Illinois. Latin fusion food mixes traditional dishes with fresh tastes from South America, Mexico, and Spain, inspired by the tapas concept.

Altiro Latin Fusion
Credit: AltiroLatinFusion / altirolatinfusion.com

Their food is served in a tapas style, influenced by Spain’s little flavorful tapas. The ingredients are all purchased locally. All meat is hormone-free.

All chickens are raised on grass. All sweeteners are nectars made from agave. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered every day. You may be sure that the food served here is incredibly healthy.

On your trip to Aurora, you should unquestionably stop by this site. There are options for kerbside pickup and dining in. They feature a complete bar and are renowned for their fantastic trademark drinks. Additionally, they have happy hour promotions.

Location: 1 S Stolp Ave, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

18. Round 1 Bowling And Amusement

This facility is one of the greatest in Aurora and should be included on your list of things to do because of the fantastic games, welcoming atmosphere, and unique personnel. They offer excellent service in addition to having a well-organized service. In the reward room, you could check in to claim prizes.

Come in and explore new games, play your old favorites, and take advantage of only games imported directly from Japan. If you enjoy playing video games, you’ll be thrilled by the selection you’ll find here.

Round 1 Bowling And Amusement
Credit: MetroDetroitMommy / metrodetroitmommy.com

This venue is the best bowling alley in your zip code if you love to bowl! While having an excellent time bowling, set a new personal best score.

Their top-notch pool tables are exactly what you need to have fun. Enthusiasts and novices will appreciate playing games with friends and honing their trick shots.

Without going here, your trip to Aurora isn’t complete.

Location: Fox Valley Mall 2480, Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

19. Harner’s Bakery Restaurant

A local bakery, a soup and salad buffet, and traditional American comfort food are available at Harner’s Bakery Restaurant.

If you want comfort food and excellent company, this establishment is unquestionably among the best in Aurora that you ought to think about visiting.

Harner’s Bakery Restaurant
Credit: Harner’sBakeryRestaurant / Facebook

This bakery offers a wide selection of freshly created baked items in its ovens. They have retained the reputation as the best bakery in the Fox Valley region for over 50 years, with a broad choice of delicious cookies, pies, bread, and cakes to choose from, in addition to our handcrafted sweet rolls and donuts.

A visit to this beautiful spot is a must on any vacation to Aurora.

Location:10 W State St, North Aurora, IL 60542, United States

20. Stolp Island Social

Stolp Island Social is a location that makes you feel like you belong, where Coco Channel meets 1920s Aurora.

It’s a casual-chic American restaurant with top steaks, seasonal food, a full bar, and Sunday jazz brunch.

Stolp Island Social
Credit: AmyMorton’sStolpIslandSocial / Facebook

Without visiting this location, your trip to Aurora won’t be complete. The meals are professionally served, and the relaxed atmosphere encourages taking many pictures and feeling at home.

They are incredibly well-liked for their fantastic lunches and dinners served alone. On your subsequent trip to Aurora, you would undoubtedly revisit this establishment because of the great beer, drink, and wine menu options.

There is a wheelchair-accessible entrance and facilities and seating areas for wheelchair users. Eating in, having food delivered, or ordering takeout is possible. You would undoubtedly enjoy yourself in this location.

Location:5 E Galena Blvd, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

21. Basil’s Greek Dining

This restaurant serves traditional meze, kebabs, flatbreads, and comfort food from the Mediterranean in a stylish, laid-back atmosphere.

You would undoubtedly have a ton of pure fun with the variety of possibilities accessible to you. There are curbside pickup, delivery, dine-in, and outdoor seating options.

Basil’s Greek Dining
Credit OPAChicago / opachicago.com

You’d enjoy what they offer if you want excellent coffee. Excellent deserts are provided here as well. They provide comfort cuisine, wholesome fare, and vegetarian-friendly fare.

Going with your partner will undoubtedly have a great time together due to the relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

You would be wise to include this location on your Aurora, Illinois, list of things to do.

Location: 4000 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States


Visiting Aurora, Illinois, is undoubtedly a pleasure. You could try out many entertaining things, so you wouldn’t go a day without having fun.

Whether you enjoy gaming, delicious food, lodging, clubs, etc., this lovely city has plenty to do for all ages and interests.

On your visit or your subsequent journey, use this article as your guide for an exciting travel experience.