Looking for the best and fun things to do in Indio, CA?

Indio, California, is an excellent place to experience unmatched fun and spend quality time with friends and family.

Located in Riverside County, California, lies this beautiful city of Indio. The town has loads of cultural attractions and stunning hills.

Indio hosts a series of breathtaking festivals and events annually. The town has over 93,000 inhabitants and is currently the most rapidly growing city in Riverside County’s Coachella Valley.

The region lies in the Sonoran Desert, which causes it to have warm temperatures and little rainfall.

Despite its small size, the region continuously attracts tourists from all over the world yearly. So if you happen to visit Indio, here’s a list of things to do in Indio, California.

Best & Fun Things to Do in Indio, CA

1. Play Golf at Shadow Hills Golf Course

Are you a golf lover planning to visit Indio, California?

If yes, visiting Shadow Hills Golf Course should be number one on your list.

Shadow Hills Golf Course is a great golf course in Indio, California, suitable for golfers of all classes.

Shadow Hills Golf Course in Indio is a beautiful, well-maintained desert golf course suitable for all levels.

ShadowHillsGolfClub / shadowhillsgolfclub.com/

Shadow Hills Golf Course features two available golf courses; the South Course and the North. The availability of two golf courses makes it a perfect location to enjoy golf.

The courses are distinct and built differently. For example, while the South Course is an 18- hole traditional golf course, the North Course, on the other hand, is a complex 3-par course with water and sand traps.

Either you opt to play at the North or South Course; both are fantastic and would surely make your day eventful. Also available at the golf course is a particular area for practice, private lessons, and a restaurant.

Location: 80875 Ave 40, Indio, CA 92203, USA

2. Attend Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

The “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival” is our second thing to do in Indio, California. The festival is done annually by the Empire Polo Club in Indio.

Salon / salon.com

There are also lots of artifacts and sculptures on display at the festival. Visitors also get to witness live music performances.

The festival has recently witnessed performances from Kanye West, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Ariane Grande, and many other iconic figures.

Location: Indio, California, USA

3. Hangout at Shields Date Garden

The Shields Date Garden is a tourist attraction spot in Indio, California. It has a vast land mass of over 17 acres and is the perfect location to relax with family and take snaps.

Vistana / vistana.com

The garden went through renovation from 2011 to 2013, and it features a Vancouver garden and various notable figures in the Bible.

Present in the garden is a Sinuous course are 23 sculptures showcasing 14 essential stories from the life of Jesus Christ.

If you wish to learn more about the Christian faith while taking snaps with family and friends, visit The Shields Date Garden.

Location: 80-225 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, USA

4. Enjoy Lovely Meals at Jackalope Ranch

If you have a thing for food and need a spot to enjoy the best Southwest restaurant in a lovely atmosphere, then a stop by Jackalope Ranch shouldn’t miss out on your bucket list of things to do in Indio, California.

On entry to the restaurant, you’ll notice the restaurant’s large estate and stone lodge. In addition, the restaurant contains several patios with lovely views and buildings. This patio includes palapas, a saloon, and a waterfall.

Whether you visit for breakfast or dinner, you’re sure to find the perfect atmosphere that suits your meal.

This lovely ranch’s meal menu is worthy of mention; their menu combines tasty dishes like top-notch Barbeque, family combo meals, and indigenous California meals.

Location: 80400 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, USA

5. Royal Plaza Inn Hotel

If you plan on visiting Indio, California, for a summer break or weekend break, you’ll need to find the best hotels to relax and enjoy your stay.

Royal Plaza Inn Hotel is one of the best hotels in Indio, California. The hotel has a spa pool and a heated outdoor pool, and each room in the Royal Plaza Inn Hotel features free Wi-Fi and Cable TV.

The environment’s ambiance is refreshing, and the buildings are well structured. The staff here are also lovely and very receptive to guests.

Unlike other hotels with no cancellation policies, you can successfully cancel your booking at this hotel and get a refund.

Location:82347 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, USA

6. Play Polo at Eldorado Polo Club

If you need something to do for fun in Indio, California, you should try playing polo at Eldorado Polo Club.

The club comes with a restaurant serving fantastic meals and a cantina serving chilled drinks.

Eldorado Polo Club / https://www.eldoradopoloclub.com/

Eldorado Polo Club cantina serves a variety of liquors and wine, and the club is open to persons of all ages.

The club contains eight playing fields and a stable with over 500 horses. Adults and kids can also visit the horseback riding academy to learn about polo and horseback riding.

Location: 50950 Madison St, Indio, CA 92201, USA

7. Explore Nature at Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

Outside festivals and events, the city of Indio also has beautiful locations to explore the beauties of nature, and Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve is one such location.

Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve features many natural landscapes, which helps showcase its historic desert landscape.

AtlasObscura / atlasobscura.com

The Preserve contains a hiking trail that covers a distance of over 25 miles. So if you’re in for some hiking adventure, Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve shouldn’t skip your to-do list.

Along the trails are canyons and dunes, which makes it a fantastic location for hiking while enjoying beautiful sceneries.

Location: 29200 Thousand Palms Canyon Rd, Thousand Palms, CA 92276, USA

8. Experience Unmatched Fun at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Would you love to visit a world of excitement and unmatched fun experience?

Rush down to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino to experience a lifetime.

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino / fantasyspringsresort.com

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is an award-winning entertainment center in Indio, California. The center features a casino floor with over 45 table games and 2,000 of the hottest slots and video machines.

The organizers are hospitable and ready to see guests enjoy every time they spend at the Resort. Fantasy Springs Resort Casino also has desert oasis makeup, a spring bar, a casino hotel, and several restaurants which serve tasty meals.

Location: 84245 Indio Springs Drive, Indio, CA 92203, USA

9. Family Time Out at Miles Avenue Park

Miles Avenue Park is another exciting location to spend quality time with family and friends.

TheDesertSun / desertsun.com

If you need the ideal spot for a family weekend or Sumner Holiday in Indio, California, Miles Avenue Park is the perfect fit for you.

The park has loads of picnic areas and barbeque spots. It also contains a big playground where kids can play games, and several basketball courts are also in this park.

Location: 82540 Miles Ave, Indio, CA 92201, USA

10. Shop at Maclin’s Open-Air Market

Have you ever heard of the second largest open-air market in Maclin?

You’re lucky because this historic open-air market is right in Indio, California.

Sunline / sunline.org

Maclin’s Open-Air Market has the best of everything you need to purchase. The area is lovely and active. You’ll find high-quality architectural designs on display if you visit the market during the evenings.

Many people visit the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays to shop at the over 450 merchants on site. In addition, you can shop for some local meals at the market and purchase fresh veggies while watching the sunset.

Location: 46350 Arabia St, Indio, CA 92201, USA

11. Meal Treat at Mario’s Italian Cafe

Craving for some Italian Cuisine in Indio, California? Mario’s Italian Cafe got you covered.

Mario’s Italian Cafe is a family-owned restaurant offering diverse meal options for adults and kids. Their menu includes salads, soup, chicken, calzones, and dessert options.

Fresh pasta dishes and different pizzas also make up the menu list. You can decide to eat in the restaurant or consider their take-home packages. If you choose to eat in the restaurant, you’ll love the traditional Italian decor of the environment.

Location: 49906 Jefferson St, Indio, Greater Palm Springs, CA 92201, USA

12. Visit Mulligan Dog Park With Your Pet

If you need a place to visit with your pet, Mulligan Dog Park is one lovely spot to visit. The park has many trees that act as shelters, and an extensive grassland area is also available.

DogTrekker / dogtrekker.com

Mulligan Dogs Park is open to dogs of all species and has various rooms for these different species of dogs. The park also features a drinking faucet and veggies to aid in cleaning.

Location: 45355 Van Buren St, Indio, CA 92201, USA

13. Visit Riverside County Fairgrounds

The Riverside County Fairground is the venue for most annual events and festivals in Indio, California. The Riverside County Fair stands out among other festivals held at this venue and takes place every February of every year.

This fantastic location has over 7,000 exhibitions for guests to enjoy particularly. Guests can enjoy their time here engaging in competitions like bull riding and monster truck rallies. Visitors can also enjoy musical performances and witness the crowning of a Date Queen festival.

Location: Indio, CA, USA

14. Attend Stagecoach Festival

There are a lot of festivals to attend in the city of Indio, California; no wonder it is nicknamed “The City of Festivals.”

If you happen to visit Indio, California, during the Stagecoach Festival, ensure to attend, and you’ll be glad you did.

Nashville / nashville.com

Stagecoach Festival is the highest-grossing country music festival in the world with performances of artists, southern rock, heartland rock, bluegrass, and roots rock.

Over the years, the festival has witnessed performances from Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw. The festival was first held in 2007 and has since drawn the attraction of locals and tourists worldwide.

Location: Empire Polo Club 81-800 Avenue 51 Indio, California 92201, USA

15. TKB Bakery & Deli

Won’t you love to visit the number one food restaurant in the entire city of Indio, California?

TKB Bakery & Deli, currently number one on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the US list, was founded on the delicious recipes of Athena Sippel.

The Bakery, which started as a home-based business, is the most successful delis in the United States.

Their menu is quite tempting, and there’s always something for everyone to eat at TKB Bakery & Deli. Mexican meatloaf and Pesto Chicken Ranch Club are just one of the few fantastic dishes on their menu list.

Wednesdays are very special at this restaurant as it is their BBQ day and customers get served smoked pulled pork with a side of mac ‘n’ cheese and coleslaw.

Location: 44911 Golf Center Pkwy, Indio, CA 92201, USA

16. Indio Murals

If you’re a lover of art, then the city of Indio, California, is a must-visit if you wish to explore lovely artistic views.

PalmSpringLife / palmspringslife.com

Indio is a city with lots of public art displays. The town has lots of massive murals, which are a perfect fit for public art. The murals are on display throughout the city and are an enormous part of the city’s terrain.

The city’s artists painted the majority of Indio murals, and each represents and displays the rich history of the region.

If you visit Indio during the Riverside County Date Festival, ensure to spend time seeing these fantastic murals.

Location: Indio, CA, United States.

17. Indio Spa

You won’t want to break down while touring the beautiful city of Indio with family and friends.

After long hours of touring, you’ll surely need a place to relax your body and keep your health in good condition, and no place does the business of taking care of your health better than Indio Spa.

Indio Spa / indiospa.com

Indio Spa is a center with many professionals who specialize in giving guests the best health care service in Indio.

The Spa uses modern equipment to ensure that visitors get the best value for their money. For example, the Spa uses eye pillows, massage tables, and heated lotion during body treatments. In addition, the Spa offers treatment services, including facials, wraps, private group meetings, exfoliators, and CBD treatments.

Location: 42151 WorldMark Way, Indio, CA, USA.

18. Eat Mexican Dishes at Pueblo Viejo Grill

Pueblo Viejo Grill is a food restaurant in Indio, California, which serves fantastic Mexican dishes. They have a reputation for doing the best Mexican dish in the entire Coachella Valley.

Their menu includes unique dishes like steak quesadilla, Mexican club wrap, shrimp fajitas, spinach and mushroom enchiladas, and sweet corn tamale.

Location: 81931 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, USA.

19. Learn About Desert Animals and Plants at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Spring is an excellent place to learn about desert animals and plants.

The Desert zoo has a large mass of about 1,000 acres, and visitors can take a personal tour around the area or on a private tour with the zoo’s staff.

Visitors here can partake in exciting events like feeding a giraffe, sightseeing diverse desert animals and plants, hiking the nature trail, and exploring museum exhibits. The zoo also has several domestic animals like goats and donkeys.

Location: 47900 Portola Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260, USA.

20. Take a Journey on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

If you need to experience a climb of a lifetime, Springs Aerial Tramway shouldn’t skip out on your checklist of things to do in Indio, California.

VisitGreaterPalmSprings / visitgreaterpalmsprings.com

Visitors at Springs Aerial Tramway climb 6,000 feet from the Coachella Valley through Chino Canyon to reach the top of San Jacinto Peak. This journey is a ten minutes ride that takes you across a beautiful landscape with well-maintained wilderness areas and cliffs.

At the top of this landscape are two excellent eateries, over 50 miles of nature trail, and a museum. You can also purchase gifts at the gift shop for your loved ones.

Location: 1 Tram Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA.

21. Enjoy Musical Night at Big Rock Pub

Big Rock Pub is the perfect pub for all music fanatics planning to visit Indio, California; Locals and visitors come here to enjoy live music while having a chilled drink.

The pub has a vast collection of various rock archives displayed stylishly and a kitchen pub where visitors can grab any snack or meal.

Location: 1828 CA-138, Pinon Hills, CA 92372, USA.

22. Watch Stage Plays at Desert Theatreworks

A visit to Desert Theatreworks is another intriguing thing to do in Indio, California.

The Desert Theatre began operations in July 2013 and has since been top-notch with its theatrical activities. They have over 45 major stage plays and 25 special events.

They also offer educational platforms to enlighten locals and visitors on matters concerning art growth in the community.

Location: Indio, California, USA.

23. Spend a Wonderful Evening at Cabazon Cultural Museum

Cabazon Cultural Museum makes our list of things to do in Indio, California, and here’s why.

The Cabazon Cultural Museum is a tiny museum inside the Cabazon Indian Reservation, home to the world’s largest population of Native American Indians.

CabazonTribe / cabazontribe.com

There are a lot of things for fun at the Cabazon Cultural Museum. First, the museum has a great collection of exhibits representing a portion of the region’s culture and history.

Guests tour around the museum with your guides, so they don’t miss their way, and visitors get the opportunity to communicate with the Native American Indians and build new networks.

Location: 84245 Indio Springs Pkwy, Indio, CA 92203, USA.

24. Family Outing at George S. Patton Park

Not many places in Indio, California, offer an unmatched fun experience like the one in George S. Patton Park.

George S. Patton Park is the best place to encounter and spend excellent time with family and friends. The park has lots of fun-filled activities for families to enjoy.

VisitGreaterPalmSprings / visitgreaterpalmsprings.com

Over at the Park are a big grassy area and a playground where kids can run around and enjoy themselves. In addition, the site has two barbecues, picnic tables, table tennis, and a basketball court so you can’t run out of food or what to do in George S. Patton Park.

Location: 83700 Avenue 43, Indio, CA 92203, USA

25. Visit Cty Fairgrounds

Another exciting place to be in Indio, California, is the County Fairgrounds; This is the home for apparent festivals and events in Indio, California.

County Fairgrounds started operations in 1921 and has since been a home for iconic regional events. The area also features performances from different artists and comedians.

RoverPass / roverpass.com

If you happen to be in Indio during the Event to crown the year’s festival best Queen, avail yourself at County Fairgrounds, and you’ll be glad you did.

Location: 82503 US Highway 111, Indio, Greater Palm Springs, CA, USA.

When is the Best Time to Visit Indio, California?

The best time to visit Indio, California, for ideal weather is between February 5th to May 6th and October 1st to December 2nd.

The average weather temperature in Indio, California, differs significantly.

If you’re looking for the warmest time to visit Indio, the hottest months are July, August, and June.

The month of August is the busiest, and prices of hotels inflate within this period.

November seems to be less crowded, so tourists planning on a vacation with a low budget can schedule their visit within these days as the prices of hotels are less expensive this time.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Indio, California?

Regardless of where you are around the globe, the Average worldwide flight cost to Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) is between $540 and $793 per person (economy flights)

And $1,695 to $2,488 per person for a first-class flight

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Indio, California as a Guest (Visitor)?

The average cost of living for a 7-day trip in Indio, California, is as follows:

  • $2,317 for a solo traveler
  • $4,161 for a couple
  • And $7,801 for a family of 4.

A solo traveler looking to visit Indio, California, is expected to budget $58 to $120 per day for feeding and transportation.

The average hotel price for a solo traveler is $78 to $176 per night for a 1,2 or 3-star hotel room. $291 to $355 per night for a 1-bed vacation rental.

Couples, on the other hand, are expected to have a budget of $116 to $240 per day for food, sightseeing, and transportation.

For couples, hotels range from $78 to $176 per night for a 1,2, or 3-star hotel room. $29 to $355 per night for a 1-bed vacation rental.

The average budget for a family of 4 is between $232 to $480 per day for food and transportation.

While for lodging, the average price for two or a t or 3-star hotels is $156 to $352 per night. $437 to $568 per night for a 2-bed vacation rental.