Are you looking for the best and most fun things to do in Vacaville, CA?

Northern California is the home of entertainment and tourist attractions. While most people may fancy visiting the bigger cities in the region, little towns like Vacaville are the gem for tourism and natural attractions.

Vacaville is a small town in Solano County’s Sacramento Valley. Vacaville is a mix of a large village and a small city.

The town of Vacaville, named by Juan Manuel Vaca, has a population of only 100,000 people, making it the ideal spot for a memorable vacation because they’re fewer people in the town and loads of exciting attractions.

Vacaville is a city with an excellent climate and loads of outdoor fun venues. You can spend your day at the city’s museum or stop by one of the restaurants available in the town to eat lovely meals.

You could also go hiking in the area or attend one of the annual festivals held in the town. There’s always something for everyone in Vacaville.

Let’s check out some best and most fun things to do in Vacaville, CA.

Things to do in Vacaville, CA

1. Biking Along Alamo Creek Bike Trail

Would you love a place to go biking and also enjoy incredible scenery? If yes, a visit to Alamo Creek Bike Trail should be first on your bucket list.

Alamo Creek Bike Trail is a 74 km trail in Vacaville, CA. Guests can engage in several fun-filled activities at the course. So whether you’re in the mood for running or want to take a walk, Alamo Creek Bike Trail is the best place for you.

The trail is also a route to other parks like Beeland Park and Patwin Park. So a visit to Alamo Creek Bike Trail fits more as a three-in-one trip as you could easily visit other surrounding gardens.

If luck is on your side, you’ll spot wildlife around the area. Most guests are always on the lookout for Beavers, among other wildlife.

Location: 1800 Marshall Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States

2. Catch up on Local History at the Vacaville Museum

What better way to start your tour in a city than to visit a place where you can learn about the city’s history and inhabitants?

No place contains more extensive information on Vacaville’s history and people than the historic Vacaville Museum. The museum is home to several exhibits which tell the story of Vacaville’s history. The exhibitions also change every year.

The museum features exhibits of influential women from the region and people who lived near Ulatis Creek. Over 40 exhibitions are available at the museum, so make sure to stop by, and you’ll surely learn a thing or two about Vacaville’s history.

The museum also has an onsite gift shop where you can stop by and shop for gifts for family and friends.

Guests can tour the museum without aid, but if you’re scared of getting lost, tour guides can give you a guided tour.

Location: 213 Buck Ave, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

3. Go Shopping at Savers

Just as the name implies, Savers offers you the opportunity to shop for accessories and other items at a low and affordable cost.

Savers is a retail store in Vacaville, CA, that offers endless stock of items and accessories you’ll ever need; This retail store sells neatly used clothes, household items, and jewels at an affordable cost.

Savers is a family-owned business that aims to reduce waste by recycling products into valuable items. Prices of each item are attached to the item to make shopping stress free.

Ensure to stop by the store before you leave Vacaville, CA.

Location: 154 Browns Valley Pkwy, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

4. Breakfast at Healthy Life Shakes and Cafe

It isn’t always easy waking up early to prepare something to eat. It’s even more difficult when you’re out on a trip, but with Healthy Life Shakes and Cafe, you don’t have to bother about fixing breakfast because this excellent cafe offers delicious breakfast meals.

Healthy Life Shakes and Cafe is a locally-owned cafe famous for serving tasty dishes in Vacaville, CA.

This fantastic eatery features an extensive array of delicious dishes that would make your visit memorable. Their menu includes impressive dishes like smoothies, breakfast burritos, keto coffee, sandwiches, and wraps.

Each meal comes with an aloe shot or a cup of Matcha Tea. To complement the meals you desire, meals prepared with natural ingredients free of anything artificial, then endeavor to visit this fantastic eatery.

Location: 609 Elmira Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States

5. Source For Herb at Morning Sun Herb Farm

Visiting a city with a herb farm that grows more than 500 herb species isn’t easy to come across, and that’s why a visit to Morning Sun Herb Farm mustn’t miss out on your bucket list of things to do in Vacaville, CA.

Morning Sun Herb Farm, located on the outskirts of Vacaville, is a family-owned herb farm in Vacaville.

The farm contains over 500 diverse species of vegetables, herbs, and pollinator plants. Visitors can also enjoy lovely sights at the visitors’ nursery and display gardens at the farm.

Also available at the farm are different culinary plants, fruit trees, and medicinal herbs. Morning Sun Herb Farm is also the perfect venue for picnics with family and friends.

When packing your bag, ensure to come with your camera to take lovely shots at the farm.

Location: 6137 Pleasants Valley Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

6. Family Time at Nut Tree Family Park

Vacations are a lot merrier with the entire family involved. So if you need a place to enjoy quality time with family and friends, do not miss out on a visit to Nut Tree Family Park.

Nut Tree Family Park is a multifunctional park in Vacaville, CA. There are lots of fun activities for everyone at the park.

The park has a retail mall and an amusement park. So you don’t need to think twice about taking your kids along because there’s an amusement park in the area for kids to have fun.

The park is famous for its miniature train and carousel. Guests and locals can opt for a train ride or shop for items at the mall. You can’t run out of what to eat because the Nut Tree restaurant is ready to serve you unique dishes.

The restaurant has an enticing collection of meals on its menu. Tasty meals like Amici’s Italian, Fenton’s Creamery, Fuji Sushi Buffet, and 29 other meal options are available at the restaurant.

The restaurant at Nut Tree Family Park restaurant also offers three-fold service; casual dining restaurant, sit-down restaurant, and quick service restaurant.

Location: 1681 E Monte Vista Avenue, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

7. Enjoy a Game of Sport at Al Patch Park

If you’re a Sports enthusiast, you’ll surely appreciate a visit to AI Patch Park.

AI Patch Park is a public park with many sports fields and fantastic scenery. Among other exciting things in Vacaville, spending time at AI Patch Park is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in the city.

The park contains three lighted softball fields, a concession stand, football fields, a running track, an all-purpose track, a restroom, and a picnic area.

AI Patch Park is the perfect description of an all-around park. Everything to make your outdoor outing worthwhile is available at the park.

Whether you wish to take a walk or engage in one of the field games, you’ll surely enjoy the time spent at the park. But, of course, you could also have a fun picnic with your family in the picnic area.

You don’t have to contemplate whether or not to carry your pet because pets are welcome at the park with two dog parks that allow dogs to walk off-chain.

Location: Corner of California Dr. and Peabody Rd., Vacaville, CA 95696, United States

8. Play Escape Room Games at Beat the Room

What’s a vacation without a place to play brain-challenging games? The beauty of visiting a new location is the opportunity to try out new things and see new homes, and one of the best places to be in Vacaville, CA, is the Beat Room.

The Beat Room allows you to unravel puzzles and decode secret locks. Beat Room is an escape room that offers challenging real-life puzzle adventures.

If you love playing the role of detective, here’s your chance to try how you are as a detective. Escape room games at Beat the Room are always challenging and exciting.

Each escape room can contain 2 to 8 persons per game. The puzzles are remarkable, and players must unravel the mystery’s objective before escaping the room.

Beat Room is home to visitors of all age classes, and there’s also a relaxation center available for chilling.

Location: 814 Alamo Dr. Alamo Plaza Shopping Center, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

9. Golfing at Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano Golf Courses

Are you a golf fanatic searching for a place to explore your golfing prowess in Vacaville, CA? Then you mustn’t miss out on a visit to Rancho Solano Golf Course and Paradise Valley.

Both golf courses are just ten minutes walk away from each other. So visiting both golf courses on a single visit isn’t unusual.

Both golf courses have their unique feature, which makes the exception. While Paradise Valley is a laid-back course with a good ground floor, Rancho Solano, on the other hand, is more of a country club with extensive greens.

There are several things one can do at the courses other than golf. You could opt to sit by the lake or watch the incredible landscape.

Location: 3250 Rancho Solano Pkwy, Fairfield, CA 94534, United States

10. Go Hiking in a Hiker’s Paradise

Vacaville has lots of trails, making it the perfect hiker’s Paradise. The calm surrounding, incredible scenery, and wilderness area make it the ideal location for hikers.

Various hiking regions in Vacaville, CA, include Lake Berryessa Skyline Wilderness Park and other pristine locations.

Hikers at Lake Berryessa can enjoy hiking while also watching the mountain terrain, while Skyline Wilderness Park has a trail that cuts through grasslands and oak trees.

Location: Vacaville, CA, United States

11. Explore Pena Adobe and Lagoon Valley Park

If you need a place to enjoy scenic views in Vacaville, CA, stop at Pena Adobe and Lagoon Valley Park.

Several exciting things are available at the park, from hiking to fishing at the lake, boating, and organizing a picnic with the family.

Pena Adobe and Lagoon Valley Park spans over 470 acres of the natural landscape. Several trails are also available at the park.

Guests can go hiking on the 20-mile hiking loop or bike at the 7.5-mile biking trail.

The park also features a disc golf course for golf fanatics, an archery course, and a dog park.

There’s always something exciting for people of all ages at the park. So if you desire the perfect family getaway trip, avail yourself of Pena Adobe and Lagoon Valley Park to have a memorable time.

Location: Pena Adobe Road, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

12. Vintage Shopping at Vacaville Vintage Market

If you fancy vintage collections, you’ll enjoy spending time at Vacaville Vintage Market.

Vacaville Vintage Market opens every 3rd Saturday of every month across the street from Vacaville High.

Vintage dealers from all across the city avail at the market, making a variety of vintage items available at the market.

The market has everything from vintage decors to clothes, furniture, accessories, and other vintage collections. There’s always something for everyone in Vacaville Vintage Market.

You can’t go hungry at the market because many restaurants are ready to serve you excellent meals.

Location: 101 West St, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

13. Grab a Glass of Drink at Virtue Juice Bar

Virtue Juice Bar is the perfect place to grab a chilled drink while tending to your health. The bar has a restaurant and wellness center alongside. The staff at Virtue Juice Bar are hospitable, and you’ll surely enjoy the calm ambiance at the restaurant.

Your drink orders are prepared to suit your demand. The juices are made right there within your watch with fresh organic ingredients. Other things to try at the bar include acai bowls, smoothies, espresso elixirs, and other gluten-free items.

Location: 1670 E Monte Vista Ave #102, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

14. Massage at Premier Day Spa

Nothing beats the joy of relaxing and getting a proper health treat after hours of touring. Premier Day Spa is open to give you premium body treatment and make your visit to Vacaville a memorable one.

You shouldn’t wear out while on vacation. Touring can be tedious sometimes, so always take time to tend to your health and stay fit.

The Premier Day Spa offers solutions to stress, anxiety, muscle pain, and poor blood circulation. The spa also has a professional massage therapist ready to give you quality massage to aid relaxation.

You could opt for a Hot Stone Massage or the Swedish Oil Body massage at the spa.

You can’t go wrong visiting Premier Day Spa, so ensure to include it on your bucket list.

Location:: 1671 E Monte Vista Ave Suites 108-109, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

15. Shop at Nut Tree Plaza

What good is touring a city if you don’t find time to stop and shop for new things?

If you need a place to shop for quality products in Vacaville, CA, Nut Tree Plaza is the best bet you’ve got.

Nut Tree Plaza is a fantastic center with over 50 retail shops at the mall. In addition, the plaza featured a close park, railroad, and a shopping mall.

Nut Tree Plaza is the best place for adults and kids to have fun shopping in Vacaville. Visitors spend ample time riding on Nut Tree railroad trains, and you could also challenge your friends to a game of chess at the plaza.

Location: 1681 E Monte Vista Avenue, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

16. Fun at Andrews Park

Vacaville is a city with many notable parks, but the euphoria of visiting Andrews Park is incomparable. Andrews Park is the perfect venue to enjoy quality family time in Vacaville, CA.

The shaded area at the park makes it a perfect spot for a picnic, and if you’re a food lover, you can buy excellent meals at the different restaurants available.

Andrews Park has over five barbeque spots and an electrical outlet. Endeavor to stop at one of the restaurants as you hike along the trail.

Location: 614 E Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville, CA 95688

17. Movie Treat at Brenden Vacaville 16 Theatre

A break to catch your favorite movie show or watch trending movies is one the best things to do while on vacation.

No theatre does the movie business better than Brenden Vacaville 16 Theatre in Vacaville, CA; this is one unique venue to watch movies and enjoy a lovely meal simultaneously.

Many top-notch eateries are available at the theatre to care for your food cravings. Food stores like McDonald’s, Umi Sushi, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Starbucks, and Outback Steakhouse are available at the theatre.

The theatre features current theatre technologies and exciting features. For example, it has stadium seatings, Dolby Digital sound, giant wall-to-wall curved screens, reserved seating, and luxury recliners.

Ensure to visit Brenden Vacaville 16 Theatre before you leave Vacaville, and you’ll be glad you did.

Location: 521 Davis St, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

18. Go Shopping at Vacaville Premium Outlets

Your visit to Vacaville won’t be complete if you don’t stop by at Vacaville Premium Outlet to shop for exceptional items.

One of the most prominent areas you’ll find in the city of Vacaville is Vacaville Premium Outlet.

The outlet has over 85 stores. The stores consist of shops owned by epic brands globally. Brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, j Crew, and Nike are part of the few brands with shops represented at the outlet.

Prices of items sold in the outlet are cheap and affordable. Hence Vacaville Premium Outlet draws interest from people living in the city and nearby communities like Sacramento, Napa Valley, and San Francisco.

Location: 321 Nut Tree Road Suite 2, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States

19. Play Games at Vaca Valley Bingo

If you’re a game lover searching for a place to enjoy quality time playing games in Vacaville, you’re lucky because Vaca Valley Bingo has all you’ll need.

Vaca Valley Bingo features a variety of bingo games for people of all age classes. The game house is near, with professional staff ready to make your visit memorable.

If you ever feel famished after playing games, you can opt into one of the restaurants available in the area to buy lovely dishes.

Ensure to visit their website to know more about them and check information on games available for the day.

Location; 190 Bella Vista Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States

20. Take Your Kids to Learn at Vacaville’s Imagine That!

Learning is a never-ending process; a vacation with friends and family isn’t an excuse to stop learning. Won’t you love to visit a place where you and your kids can learn something new while having fun in Vacaville?

Vacaville Imagine That is an educational support group that offers a series of STEAM-based classes.

Kids also get to partake in the learning process as well. Vacaville Imagine That features biology, zoology, data science, astronomy, environmental science, and other science-related topics.

Kids learn through games and plays that help trigger adrenaline and make them interested to know.

Outside learning new stuff, visitors can also explore several fun exhibitions.

Location: 848 Alamo Dr. Ste B Alamo Plaza Shopping Center, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

21. Visit Brazelton Ranch

The Brazelton Ranch is an ancient landmark in Vacaville. The ranch is a family-owned farm that has existed since the late 19th century.

The Brazelton Ranch, located in Western Vacaville, is a ranch that spans 2,204 acres of land.

Credit: BrazeltonRanch / Facebook

There are a lot of breathtaking sights at the ranch that will leave you stunned. The farm contains a variety of peaches, apricots, and nectarines. In addition, the ranch specializes in the growth and sales of fruits.

Locals and visitors also shop for fresh farm produce, eggs, dairy products, and much other produce available at the ranch. In addition, Brazelton Ranch stands out for its fertile soil, conservation priority, and cattle graze.

Stop by this fantastic ranch, and you’ll be glad you did.

Location: 3628 Gates Canyon Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

22. Explore Jimmy Doolittle Center

The Jimmy Doolittle Center, named after James Harold Doolittle, is an event center in Vacaville situated west of Sakakawea Inn.

Credit: JRDV / jrdv.com

The center is the home of meetings, seminars, birthdays, weddings, and special functions in Vacaville.

If you need a place to organize birthdays or any events in Vacaville, do well to book a reservation at Jimmy Doolittle.

Location: 300 County Airport Rd Suite C4, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States