We have broken down the things to do in Temple, TX, into the following activities:

  • Tours and sightseeing
  • Food, wine, and nightlife dining
  • Weddings and honeymoons
  • Private and custom tours


The city of Temple is located in Bell County, between the cities of Austin and Waco, Texas, United States; and ever since its existence in 1881, the city has evolved from being a mere cozy railroad town to now a bustling place influenced by the presence of new sets of business industries, as well as an exquisite art scenery that has brought forth the likes of some notable people in the entertainment industry.

The above factors, alongside a combination of a few of its exclusive pastoral attractions, have helped the city to become more visible to the world today, thus attracting more and more visitors to the city from around the world.

That being said, below is a list of 30 things to do in Temple for fun…

Best & Fun Things to Do in Temple, TX

Below are some fun things you can do in Temple, Texas.

1. Pay a Quick Visit to Temple Road & Heritage Museum

The city of Temple as a place has a history tied around rails. In fact, the city owes a part of its existence to the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad company which was founded back then in 1881.

Paying a visit to the main building for the Temple Road & Heritage Museum, “the Santa Fe Depot” will help you to a better understanding of the city’s origin.



You can also connect with the city’s history here by exploring its extensive research library that gives you direct access to a collection of its mechanical drawings, pictures of the city, and many more.

2. Explore the Friar’s Creek Trail

The Friar’s Creek Trail is layered into two (2) segments that are composed of about two (2) miles in length.


So, for those that love engaging in a tranquil ride on a bicycle, then exploring the Friar’s Creek Trail is definitely one of the 30 things to do in Temple TX for fun.

3. Take Your Family Out for Fun at the Lions Junction Family Water Park

The Lions Junction Family Water Park lies just at the entrance of the Friar’s Creek Trail. It is located at 5000 S. 5th St., Temple, TX, and if you’re looking for one of the many 30 things to do in temple TX this weekend, then this might just be the perfect attraction for you.



The park is mainly open on weekends and gives you access to a deep water swimming pool, as well as a diving board and two (2) water slides that are of a height of about three (3) stories.

The kids are also not left here out as there’s also a special pool for kids that also includes a railroad theme

4. Pay a Visit to the Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center

Being a city that owes its spirit to diverse groups that paved their way to the city in its early days, Texas recognizes all its past predecessors at the Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center.

And seeing that most of the city’s past predecessors came from the Czech Republic, it’s only fair to call it that…



Immigrants from the Republic of Czech first came to Texas from the 1850s to the early 1900s to start a new life for themselves. Though the Czech Heritage Museum was officially opened in the year 2000, its building dates way back to 1931 with an exterior storefront decked out in mosaic tile.

The museum is located at 119W French Ave, Temple Texas 76501.

The Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center also hosts various events yearly, such as its annual language seminars and craft classes that are drawn from Czech culture.

Visiting this museum is definitely one of the 30 things to do in temple TX.

5. Take a Tour Around the Wilson House

The Wilson House is located at 1714 S 61st St, Temple, Texas 76504 and takes its name from its founder, Ralph Wilson Sr., and wife, Sunny.


The key component of the Wilson House is its plastic laminates which were and still are the major product of the company.

Taking a tour around the Wilson House, you get to see its exquisite displays of plastic laminate lamps, countertops, as well as chairs… You also get to attend certain events usually hosted in the house.

6. Pay a Visit to the Bell County Museum

Out of the many 30 things to do in temple TX for fun, paying a visit to the Bell County Museum really stands out as unique.

The museum, as an establishment is dedicated to giving tourists from around the world a complete view of how life was in the region as it dates back to the early years of the city.



The Bell County Museum is located at 201 N Main St, Belton, Texas 76513.

One of the very famous exhibits that you can find here is the Ol’ Chisholm Trail Monument which portrays the Chisholm Trail as one of the wonders of the western world. You can also choose to participate in the museum’s guided archeological digs annual events.

7. Fill Your Ears with the Sound of Pure Melody from the Temple Symphony Orchestra

For over 24 years now, the Temple Symphony Orchestra has been a major part of Central Texas’s cultural landscape.



The Temple Symphony Orchestra features as many as ninety (90) professional musicians, along with an accompanying string quartet that performs musical concerts for educational outreach at various schools within Central Texas.

Its annual schedule of concerts attracts ardent fans and tourists from around the world to its main venue, the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center.

The Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center can be found at 2600 South 1st St., Temple Texas 76504.

8. Explore the Pepper Creek Trail

This is a perfect activity to do for hikers, strollers, and cyclists.

The Pepper Creek Trail provides a well-paved path along the Pepper Creek that includes pedestrian bridges and some very unique water features.



This place is best for picnics as there are already several stone tables made available for you, allowing you to dine in the great outdoors, with an astonishing view to match.

The Pepper Creek Trail can be found in Temple, Texas 76502.

9. Go Bowling

Going bowling is definitely one of the many things to do in Temple TX for fun, and one of the best places to do this is at the Spare Time Texas.

Thus, you can choose to visit this place to take out time to bowl with your friends, dine with a loved one, or just unwind with family members or friends.



There are also activities here for kids of all ages, and the prices are as well really reasonable for anyone to work with.

Spare Time Texas is located at 5434 205 Loop, Temple, Texas 76502.

10. Hangout with Family & Friends at the Whistle Stop Park

The region of Temple, TX built the Whistle Stop Park as a way to keep up with the railroad history of the place.



The park is located at 58 S 11th St, Temple, Texas 76501, and is open every day from 8 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening.

There are slides, swings, climbing walls, rope bridges, and lots more for the kids, and generally, this is a place where you, your kids, family, and friends can just visit to hang out.

11. Go and Have Some Fun at the Wheels Family Skating Center

Located at 814 N 31st St., Temple, TX 76504, the Wheels Family Skating Center is a place dedicated to roller skating, offering a variety of amenities for visitors and tourists from around the world yearly.



You can participate in one of the public skating sessions here, decide to host a birthday party, and even choose to explore its full-service café.

12. Visit the Cinemark Movie Theater

Get a chance to see some of Hollywood’s classic movies at the Cinemark Movie Theater. Here, you’ll appreciate the very comfortable seating, with one of the best quality digital and 3D views of your favorite movies.

The Cinemark Movie Theater is located at 4501 South General Bruce Drive, Temple, Texas 76502.

13. Go Hawkeye Shooting

Hawkeye Shooting Academy Temple TX offers you a safe and climate-controlled environment for both long guns and handguns to help you with all your shooting needs.

Shooting classes here vary based on your skills and experience with firearms:

SESSION 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
COST $100 $100 $100

The basic plan covers basic firearm handling and safety skills designed to guide you as a novice (or someone who has never handled a firearm before and just wants to know how to get started). Classes for the basic plan start in a classroom, after which you then proceed to practice in the range.

The intermediate plan is to help those who already have some form of shooting skills, or basically an upgrade from the basic shooting level.



And finally, the advanced level is intended to introduce you to some higher-level shooting skills. Note that you will need a holster and extra mags to participate in this class.

Also, you will be required to wear eye and ear protection to participate in any of the above-listed sessions, as well as a proof of identification in order to use the range.

The Hawkeye Shooting Academy in Temple Texas is located at 119N, 19th Street, Temple, Texas 76504.

14. Explore the Encryptux Escape Rooms

This is definitely one of the many 30 things to do in Temple TX for fun. You, your family members, or your friends have to team up to crack codes, solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape from this Temple’s most prominent attraction.



Encryptux Escape Rooms make use of some of the recent technologies and exciting themes in both their indoor and outdoor escape experiences. Their indoor games are 60 minutes in length and their outdoor games are between two (2) to three (3) hours in length.

The 3-hour games include a meal for participants.

Encryptux Escape Rooms is located at 2314 W Adams Ave Suite A, Temple, Texas 75504.

15. Enjoy Painting with a Twist

At the Paint & Pottery Studio in Temple, TX, you can make FUN ART!

There are also instructors available to guide you step by step on how to recreate paintings, so basically, you don’t need any prior experience in art and painting to get started.

So if you’re still vague on the best things to do in Temple TX for fun, just grab some family members or friends now, along with some snacks and wine and tag in the FUN, and make memories together.

The Paint & Pottery Studios is located at 7348 W Adams Ave Suite 400, Temple, Texas 76502.

16. Explore the 3 Texans Winery

Now speaking of wine, how about we go get some?

The 3 Texans Winery and Vineyard is a female-owned and family-run winery located off of Highway 36 towards Moffat of Temple, TX.



You can as well some exquisite wine tasting in the 3,600 sq. ft. limestone tasting room. 3 Texans Winery and Vineyard are located at 7536 FM Rd. 2409, Temple, TX 76502.

17. Enjoy Wine Tasting at the Moose & Goose Winery

Still, on fresh and quality wine tasting, Moose & Goose Winery is also a place in Temple, TX that’s definitely worth visiting. You can choose to come here to have a taste of wines with a number of different interesting flavors.

Their wines were developed from years of experiencing wines both within the country and abroad.



And truthfully, nothing goes best with a great meal or fun gathering like a bottle of fine wine; and with its monthly wine tasting event, you can have a sample taste of something new.

The Moose & Goose Winery is located at 6300 Middle Rd. Suite B, Temple Texas 76501.

18. Visit the Foot Spa

Foot Spa, specifically is an Asian massage spa in Temple, Texas, that you can visit to reduce stress, relieve yourself of chronic pains, and generally increase your overall quality of life.



Their professional Asian staffs are well skilled to ensure your complete relaxation after a long stressful day at work.

The spa is located at 305 W Thompson Ave. Temple, Texas 76501.

19. Explore the Miller Springs Park

Though water level has impeded some of the notable trails here, Miller Springs Park still remains one of the best parks around Temple, Texas for hiking and generally just having a great view of different beautiful environments.



This is also a nice spot to take the best pictures and make memories with family and friends. Miller Springs Park is located on Miller Springs Park Rd. Temple, Texas 76502.

20. Take a Stroll around the West Temple Park

If you’re looking for the best place to visit in Temple, Texas with the kids, then you should definitely try out West Temple Park.



You can watch as the kids enjoy playing in the splash pad that Texas summers more bearable. West Temple Park is located at 8420 W Adams Ave. Temple, Texas, 76502.

21. Order a 3-Hour Limousine Rental

Are you planning on getting married in Temple, Texas? Or perhaps you want to attend a party in grand style… Why not order the comfort of a 3-hour limousine rental?

Though this costs about $379.99 per group of 10 people, it’s definitely worth the experience.



On order, you get an 8-10 passenger Lincoln Town Car L Sedan Stretch Limo by Tiffany Coachworks that arrives at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

To book your order, simply call +1 855 275 5071.

22. Order a 24-Hour Limousine Rental

Maybe 3 hours sounds a little bit too small for your planned journey… Well, you can go all out and order your rental ride for a full day.

This kind of order gives you the exact type of private rental experience that you deserve.



And similar to the 3-hour rental, on ordering, your ride and driver will arrive 15 minutes prior to your planned event. This offer costs $799.99 per group of 10 persons.

23. Go on the Temple Texas Friday Brewery Trail Tour

You can choose to embark on Temple’s unguided microbrewery tours and connect with upcoming wineries, breweries, and restaurants within the country. This costs basically just $62 per adult.



The major purpose of the brewery trail tour is to connect people with other like-minded businesses within the county.

To book your order, simply call +1 855 275 5071.

24. Hop on the Temple Texas Saturday Wine Trail Tour

The level of growth of small businesses in Temple received notable recognition by the governor of Texas in January of [year]. Thus, the Temple Texas Saturday wine trail tour was designed to provide a safe way of connecting people with other like-minded local businesses.



The tour costs $62 per adult, and to book your order, simply call +1 855 275 5071.

25. Explore the Leona Park

Leona Park consists of a boat launch and parking with great lake access; And though there are no camping or day-use areas here, there are still boat ramps and restrooms that you and your family can lodge in when exploring the place.



The park is open daily for visits from Mondays to Sundays from 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM.

Leona Park is located on the south side of the Hwy 36 bridge on the Leon River arm of Lake Belton, Temple Texas 76502.

26. Explore the Mcgregor Park

The Mcgregor Park is a United States Army Corp of Engineers Park.

Available in the park are about 6 grills with benches that are quite close to the water edge and a single-lane concrete boat ramp. The Temple Radio Control Model Airfield can also be found here.


But note, camping is not allowed here and there are no picnic tables for long hours chilling.

That being said, Mcgregor Park is just best for hangouts and meet-ups with friends and family members. This place is located in Mcgregor Park Road, Temple, Texas 76502.

27. Explore the Cedar Creek Wildlife Management Area

The Cedar Wildlife Management Area in Texas is divided into seven (7) regions of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with the main objective of managing and conserving the natural and cultural resources of the state of Texas.

This place consists of three (3) islands that sum up to 160 acres in Cedar Creek Reservoir.

Come and watch how different species of aquatic birds use this place as rockeries; This is indeed one of the many things to do in Temple TX for fun.

Cedar Wildlife Management Area is located in Fm 317, Temple, Texas 76504.

28. Pay a visit to the Hindu Temple of Central Texas

Open daily from Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, and then 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM; Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM, the Hindu Temple of Central Texas (also known as the Omkara Maha Ganapathy Devasthanam) is where both the primary deity of the place (Omkara Mahaganapathy) and other deities are fully represented.

This place is best for anyone who needs to get that exquisite spiritual treat, and the Gita classes are definitely worth experiencing too.

The Hindu Temple of Central Texas is located at 4309 Midway Dr, Temple, Texas 76502-1506.

29. Pay a Visit to the North Yacht Club

Located in the heart of Central Texas, the North Yacht Club is the top-tier marina for the area.

Everything you need to enjoy an amazing and relaxing time is made available for you here; and even more and more improvements are made regularly to the place, one of which includes the new gangway that links the shore to the marina.

You and your family members or friends can choose to rent boat slips that in turn can accommodate everything from small watercraft to a large houseboat.

You can also enjoy a variety of marine services, specifically for North Point tenants.

So whether you are out exploring the lake on a hot afternoon, or indoors enjoying your extended stay, we’re confident that a visit to the North Yacht Club is definitely one of the many things to do in Temple TX for fun.

North Yacht Club is located at 3681 Cedar Ridge Park Road, Temple, Texas 76502.

30. Enjoy Nightlife in Temple at the Longhorn Saloon Temple TX

Finally, here’s something for the foodies…

You can never get caught unawares with quality food at the Longhorn Saloon Temple TX. What’s more?

Its prices are really affordable for anyone, and with their very attentive service, you can rest assured of the best treatment for your order.


This is indeed one of the first places you should dine in when traveling North on IH35 through Temple Texas.

Its menu includes well-seasoned steakhouse wings, wild west shrimps, spicy chicken bites, Texas Tonion (crispy battered onion petals that are well served with zesty dip), Texas brisket queso, white cheddar stuffed mushrooms, some firecracker chicken wraps, and lots more.

Longhorn Saloon Temple TX is located at 2503 S General Bruce Dr, Temple, Texas 76504.


The average cost of a 7-day stay in Temple, Texas is about $1,487 per solo traveler, $2,671 per couple, and $5,007 for a family of 4; but irrespective of your current budget type, there are always things to do in Temple for fun for both you, friends and family members.

Hotels in Temple range from $48 to as high as up to $221 per night, while most vacation rentals cost between $160 to $600 for the entire home per night.

So yea, a visit to Temple Texas doesn’t really cost much, considering all the fun and exciting experience that you get to gain out of it.

You and your family can take the holiday period as an opportunity to just go out there, take a break from all of life’s stress-filled activities and just relax.

You can choose to visit the Foot Spa for instance, for that few hours of a quality relaxation session, or just choose to go out and explore one of the amazing trails in Temple Texas and enjoy communicating with nature.