Knowing the best time to visit Barbados goes beyond planning and scheduling.

First, you must consider where you are starting your journey and how much time you have on your hand to spare. All these will help you decide how far you are willing to take your trip.

It will also help you set the most effective budget to keep your pockets flowing with cash even after the trip. For example, if you only have a three-day weekend to spend in Barbados, you probably will not want to travel from another continent.

While most people think that traveling to Barbados has to be a huge and expensive endeavor, there are effective ways to cut down costs by knowing exactly the best times to travel to the country.

Exploring Barbados

Barbados contributes a unique part of the Caribbean in so many ways.

With a total population of 300,000 people and a land mass of 169 square miles (439 square kilometers), one can easily say that the Island of Barbados is a pretty small place to live in.

Best Time To Travel To Barbados
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This, in turn, makes a perfect spot for tourists with a taste for the quietest and most serene environment to visit.

It does not matter if you are planning a fun-filled trip with your family or a romantic getaway for two with your partner; Barbados is one of the best destinations for you, your family, and your friends to visit on earth.

The sun shines all year round, and there is really no wrong time to travel to Barbados. On the other hand, certain conditions and costs vary, counting on the times of the year.

As a result, we have compiled a comprehensive list to help you decide effectively on the best time to visit Barbados.

When is the Best Time to Visit Barbados?

The best times to travel to Barbados are between January and March, April and May, June and July, August, September, November, and December.

Tourists looking to visit Barbados in the middle of the high season should expect extreme weather conditions, but still, these are one of the country’s busiest and most costly times.

January- March

Regarding favorable weather conditions, January through to mid-April is the best time to travel to Barbados. Although it’s a few degrees cooler than other times of the year, there are still around 9 hours of sunshine daily.

January, also, is outside of the hurricane season, so there’s little chance of inclemency.

The humidity is also low; therefore, the heat isn’t stifling. The nights get a touch cooler, so you are unlikely to catch a cold when going out in the late evenings.

Getting to visit Barbados at the beginning of the year (January in particular), bear in mind that it’s high season; therefore, the island is going to be much busier, and flights and accommodation are going to be pricey.

Daytime highs in February are around the same as in January, as are the nighttime lows. February remains high season, but to avoid the crowds and hiked-up prices on your trip, you will have to avoid traveling during half-time.

March is usually the last month before temperatures and humidity start to heat up towards the summer.

The hurricane season remains an extended way off. As a result, there are not any worries therein.

Also, seeing that the month of March is usually a dry month on the island, it is, therefore, one of the simplest times to travel to Barbados weather-wise.

April – May

If you’re visiting Barbados in April, you will likely get the simplest of high-season and off-season perks.

Daytime temperatures start to heat up in Barbados around April, with temperatures getting as high as 84°F. Regardless, the cooling northeast winds keep things pretty comfortable for residents on the island at that time.

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May is one of the simplest times to travel to Barbados if you wish to sunbathe or explore the island without getting too sweaty.

There are 9 hours of sunshine daily, but the strong cooling winds still temper the warmth. May is also the season’s last month; therefore, the official hurricane season hasn’t started yet, making it an ideal month for a Barbados beach vacation.

June – July

While June is the season’s first month, there’s still much sunshine even with the rainfall. Daytime temperatures can get as high as the 80s, but the odd afternoon shower breaks the warmth and humidity that comes with the heavy rainfalls.

June is additionally the primary month of the hurricane season; however, storms are unlikely, especially so early within the season. Conversely, the danger of inclemency still exists.

Despite the tiny risk, June remains an incredible time to visit Barbados as most hotels and villas offer much lower rates, and there are still many things to try out, despite the rains.

You will also be in time for the rousing Crop Over Festival that commences every June and runs until the primary Monday in the month of August.

It’s summer all year round in Barbados, and for many travelers on the Island, July to November is one of the best times to visit Barbados.

Yes, though it’s the season for rainfalls, showers typically pass quickly, with sunny skies returning within minutes. And also, even though it’s also the hurricane season, there’s only a coffee risk of storms during the short summer months.


August is the height of summer in Barbados. It is an excellent time for a beach vacation on the island, although a few visitors find it too hot and humid for strenuous activities like hiking and cycling.

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It’s still the hurricane season, so there might be a few occurrences of rainfall and few chances of storms. Rain showers are typically confined to afternoons and evening hours, so they are unlikely to spoil your vacation through August.

The Crop Over Festival also reaches its peak on the primary Monday of the month, with the renowned Grand Kadooment Day.

September – October

September is the height of the hurricane season in Barbados. It is also one of the months with the most rainfalls.

It’s unlikely to ruin your trip, though, as you’ll use rain showers as an opportunity from the beach or to explore the duty-free shops and indoor attractions just like the museums and art galleries.

September is often considered the best time to visit Barbados as it is one of the months when vacation prices are at their lowest.

School typically starts back within the first week of the month, making it a really great time to visit to enjoy the level of quietness the season brings.

It’s also very important to note that hotels, restaurants, and bars are often closed within the quietest months of September and October.

October is the height of the low season. As a result, visitors should expect prices to be at their lowest.


The hurricane season is coming to an end. As a result, the season begins to taper off, although there are still likely to be a few showers on some days of your vacation.

While it heads towards winter, there are 8 hours of steady sunshine daily.

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November is one of the most favorable times to visit Barbados as it represents the top of the autumn shoulder season – this suggests the warmth and humidity of the preceding months have gone to wane, with travel rates and fees being their lowest.


December often tops the polls for the best time to visit Barbados.

Weather conditions are drier than in October and November, with the official start of the January season just a month away.

You should expect warm sunny weather in December, although it’s slightly more relaxed.

Coming into Barbados in the early December season comes with lower prices than within the holidays, while if you visit later within the month, you’ll spend Christmas and New Year on the beach! December falls outside the official hurricane season, so there’s no need to worry about storms spoiling your vacation.

But remember that it’s one of the foremost popular times to go to Barbados, so it’s likely to be busy.

Essential Things to Note Before Traveling to Barbados

I know the idea of traveling to a Caribbean country like Barbados is very glamorous and amazing, and you’re probably going to get a ton of really nice Instagram pictures.

Regardless, before you travel to Barbados, you must be well aware of all its cost analyses. Thus, if you are to travel to Barbados, you have to consider the following things:

  1. Do you have enough money to last you all through your stay?
  2. How are you going to be getting around?
  3. Where are you going to stay? And how much is it going to cost?

That being said, here are a few thoughts to help you answer all your pending questions:

How Much Does a Trip to Barbados Cost?

The Barbadian dollar (BBD $) is the official currency used in Barbados.

A single individual traveling to Barbados should budget to spend about $300 (BBD $607) daily on their vacation and about $2,100 (BBD $4,247) weekly.

Past travelers have been seen to spend an average of:

  • Meals per day – $76 (BBD $154)
  • Local transportation per day – $24 (BBD $49)
  • Accommodation by hotel – $186 (BBD $379)

Renting a car is a cheaper way to move around while staying in Barbados for a short term. It costs about $1,150 (BBD $2,345.98) to rent a car in Barbados for a month. Conversely, this accounts for about $38 (BBD $77.52) daily.

Renting a car in Barbados is cheaper, especially if you are going to be plying between two or more cities in the country.

Intercity travels in Barbados via local transportation cost about $31.86 (BBD $65).

Where are the Best Places to Stay in Barbados?

The best hotels to stay while in Barbados include the following:

  1. The Hilton Barbados Resort
  2. Ocean Two Resort & Residences
  3. Bougainvillea Barbados
  4. Sugar Bay Barbados
  5. Sunbay Hotel
  6. Dover Beach Hotel

Conversely, the cheapest and most convenient places to stay in Barbados include the following:

  1. Spacious Colonial ($32 / BBD $65.28) per night
  2. Central Paradise ($62 / BBD $126.48) per night
  3. House in Callendar ($92 / BBD $187.68) per night
  4. Dover Beach House ($126 / BBD $257.04) per night
  5. Crane Beach Pool Villa ($206 / BBD $420.24) per night

Three (3) Important Warning Signs to Take Note of When Traveling to Barbados

Yes, Barbados is a place filled with really friendly Bajans, but still, there are a few things you will do that could get you in a lot of trouble. These include:

  1. You never want to be caught wearing camouflage of any kind in Barbados. Don’t even consider trying it because it is forbidden and illegal on the island. So, anything from camouflaged shirts, pants, hats, bandanas, or whatever the likes, you can’t just wear it in Barbados. The Bajans do this to easily tell the difference between who is in the military and who’s not!
  2. Being nude in Barbados is borderline illegal! As a result, there are also no nude beaches on the island.
  3. Finally, traveling to Barbados for the first time helps you know the different flags on the beaches. Any beach with a yellow or red flag represents places you don’t want to go. This can be attributed to the island’s extreme weather conditions. It’s just like the regular traffic signals on a roadway where a yellow sign means “proceed with caution.” A yellow flag on a beach in Barbados simply means that there may be a few rough weather conditions on the beach, so proceed with caution. But with red, it’s a completely NO GO AREA!


Let’s face it, in your early 20’s; you were probably living month to month on a steady paycheck, which in turn, meant that you were most likely living on the bare minimum, steadily wishing that you didn’t spend beyond your credit card limit every time you swiped at a cashier or ATM.

Now, however, there is a whole change in perspective. You are now becoming an adult, which also entails many responsibilities.

You are now pretty cautious about how you spend your money and effectively manage your monthly salary. But still, there’s always that fine taste for luxury we crave daily in our everyday living!

We all want to stay in fine hotels and resorts worldwide, such as those on the island of Barbados. Conversely, all these require a whole lot of pricing and budgeting.

Ultimately, there is no set best time to travel to Barbados; it all boils down to personal preferences and other money factors.