Have you ever invested time trying to figure out how to pack a suitcase?

Of course, you might think anyone can easily get a suitcase and try emplacing stuff in it; probably because of a common belief that packing a suitcase is an easy and straightforward task.

Definitely, the belief could be true to a degree but emphatically speaking, bluntly packing a suitcase is not the only factor to be considered when getting your suitcase ready for your next trip.

You also need to understand how to pack a suitcase using a less-time consuming, less-weight, smart and attractive approach

That said, I’ll be introducing to you, a few good tips on how to pack a suitcase with ease, ranging from your choice of the suitcase, the fashion of clothes arrangements, the right proportion of clothes to carry in relation to the size of the suitcase and other whatnot.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Choosing The Right Suitcase


In the course of your trip; vacation, business, etc; securing the right suitcase is by far one of the most critical steps to put into account. The big question: how do I know the suitcase that best fits the bill, me and my trip?

You couldn’t agree more that every suitcase is not for everyone and every trip thus, a lot has to be observed before choosing a suitcase.

If you are the type that usually needs a place to stow stuff like glasses, watches, and toiletries, then it’s cool you opt-in for suitcases with external pockets. Suitcases with external pockets are usually a soft-side carry-on suitcase; not really good for distant and rough trips.

However, if you’re going to need a suitcase, capable of withstanding rough handling in the course of your trip, I strongly suggest you go for a hard-side suitcase which is not just capable alone of putting up with rough handling but also keeping intact your properties inside.

Another point to consider in the course of choosing a suitcase is the handle-length of the carry-on.

Suitcases should also be chosen according to their handle-length so that it becomes a fit with our own height.

Emphatically, if you are tall, then you should go for a suitcase with a long handle and vice versa. Postural balance is fully at risk should you choose to ignore this fact.

In essence, you should work with a suitcase that matches your height.

Conclusively, suitcases should also be selected according to airline sizes and weight limits.

It is highly critical to know that when it comes to the measurement of suitcases, all pounds counts; not just the actual package but also the wheels are all measured in the carry-on height.

However, most carry-ons today are too tall and just doesn’t fit into some airline bag carrier. So in choosing a suitcase, be sure to choose a suitcase that won’t eat into your height and weight allowance.

Tips on How To Pack a Suitcase


How to pack a suitcase

Firstly, I would recommend making a comprehensive list of all you’ll need for your trip. This is a tip I always observe when planning any trip. Just like the last time I went on a religious camp, I had to make a detailed list of all my needs a week before the trip.

This is definitely a tip that saves time and energy, prevents unnecessary rush which might cause you to forget important stuffs and it also helps you to detect and eliminate the not-too-important items beforehand.

Without listing, you might end up stuffing your suitcase with nonessentials, disremembering vital items that actually matter in your trip thus, having regrets.

Just like I did, making a list probably 4-7 days before the trip will save you a great deal of time and will also make one hell of a good start.

Clothes Counting

clothes counting

This is about checking how many clothes to go on a trip with, in relation to how long you’re spending on your trip.

If for instance, you’re making a trip that will last for a week, I see it wise to confine yourself to nothing more than 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 hats, 3 pairs of socks and a jacket.

All these are to be emplaced in the main part of the suitcase. It is a wise approach to also get rid of the “in case I need it” category when selecting stuff to go on a trip with. It will save you a lot.

Packing Strategy

packing suitcase strategy

At this point, I’ll be outlining a few effective strategies that I have adopted and also been using for quite some time now and I highly recommend you play right into it as it will go a long way in making your trip a comfortable one.

This is a method that will not only save time, it will also save space and lastly make you look smart!

1. Use the roller style. Roll your clothes as this tend to maximize space and minimize wrinkles in your clothes. For stuff like some jackets that can’t easily adapt to the roller style, they should be folded the normal way.

2. Footwear should be stuffed with socks and then placed together, heel to toe at an edge in your suitcase. However, it is more ideal, the shoes are covered in a bag so as to prevent the clothes from dirt.

3. For items like hats, one should be worn over the other. Remember the goal here is to save space, reduce weight, arrange smartly and be fast.

4. Glasses, watches, and toiletries should be put in the outer pockets of the suitcase. Toiletries specifically, should be put in a clear bag, trust me; you might need them sooner than expected. Documents if any; should be put in the inner pocket that is fixed to the cover of the suitcase.

5. If you’re the type that travels with bottled water, keep it in a place you can easily reach for it. You might not easily have access to water in the course of your trip. And if you’re not the type that travels with water, try putting it into consideration. It helps a lot.

6. For delicate stuff like your electronics and accessories–pads, tablets, laptops, and chargers. The safety of these gadgets is one of the many severe problems we face in the course of our trip.

Some of us, on getting to our destination, suffered a broken screen and some other clueless faults usually as a result of rough handling by transport personnel or careless arrangement in our suitcases.

Some of us do cluster all our gadgets in a specific position in our suitcases and that is definitely not how to pack a suitcase or arrange our gadgets.

But there is way out. One trusted strategy I usually apply in order to avoid this problem is by placing my gadgets in between my clothes at calculated intervals – I usually put two clothes below, one gadget and two clothes above, afterward, another gadget and so on.

If you’re the type that owns so many gadgets, leave some behind. You mustn’t go with all so you don’t regret it and cause yourself unnecessary expenses.

This particular tip will not only save your gadget from spoilage, but it will also prevent all unimpressive scratches from occurring.

With this singular tip, rough handling of your suitcase cannot cause your gadget any damage.

7. Lastly, ensure you get a suitcase with a Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) lock. Of course, you would need to lock your suitcase to avoid losing your items. I recommend you get a suitcase with a TSA lock to prevent security operatives from damaging your lock just to search your suitcase.

I hope you’ve been able to get some useful tips from this post. So when next you are traveling, endeavor to apply these strategies and make your journey a comfortable one.

What strategies do you apply when packing your suitcase?

I would love to hear from you, kindly leave a comment below.