We all agree that going on a cruise is all kinds of fun and excitement. Unfortunately, ensuring your personal belongings are safe isn’t. There are now frequent cases of robbery on cruise ships and spots so leaving the protection of your belongings in the hands of the security officials is usually not enough.

With this article, I would be giving you some easy tips on how to protect your belongings on cruise excursions. Note that whilst following these tips can reduce the risk of you being robbed, you still have to be extra cautious as to ensure that you don’t make yourself an easy target.

No one plans on becoming a victim of theft while embarking on a cruise but then you also have a part to play.

How To Protect Your Belongings On Cruise Excursions

Confirm your luggage arrives at your room.

First things first, make sure your luggage arrives in your room. If you hand your luggage to a porter, stop and confirm they put the proper room number on your luggage – or visibly mark your room number on your luggage yourself.

You can either do that or carry your bags to your room yourself to avoid misrouted bags.


Avoid cabins with no privacy

You should try as much as possible to avoid cabins that don’t ensure privacy, cabins that are too noisy, and cabins that are prone to motion. Also, cabins that lack square footage and cabins with an obstructed view should be avoided.


Guard your valuables

Every travel expert recommends that travelers leave their valuables back home. You should not be carrying expensive items around or huge wads of cash, but if you would like to travel with something valuable, keep it on your person.

The matter with this rule is that you simply might want to possess a valuable, say a rich watch or earrings with you to wear sometimes, but you’d like those items secure once you would like to go then hiding your expensive watch in your shoe and covering it up with a towel so you’ll go swimming within the deck pool isn’t going to cut it.

When you can’t keep your valuables with you and keep an eye fixed on them eave them in our cabin, which brings us to the next tip.


Don’t attempt sleep on or within the water

Well, you’ll sleep on the cruise and take a nap within the pool, just don’t attempt sleeping by the pool after tucking your wallet inside your towel and putting it beneath your lounger. Then, jump within the water after a nap and expect everything to be where you left it.

Many people make the error of letting their guard down when they’re having fun, but thieves lurk everywhere and if you create it easy for them, they’ll quickly take advantage. If you’re guarding your valuables, you’ve to stay aware and awake – or put them during a safer place.


Reduce what you carry around

When you’re moving about the cruise ship, you don’t need all of the things you sometimes carry in your wallet. After that, you’ll pare what you carry even further to only what you’d like on the cruise ship at that time.

In either case, you need to never keep all of your cash, credit cards, or other valuables in one place – spread it out. If you’re robbed, you’ve minimized the impact of that event by giving the thief less to need.


Beware of distractions

A common technique for choosing pockets is to form a distraction. Some distractions are as simple as a fairly or handsome person during a swimsuit asking you for the time.

If there’s a street performer they’ll be a front for pickpockets, so remember that when you’re distracted, you’re an easy target. Of course, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can also make you an easy mark.


Always keep your wallet in front of you

As for men, keeping your wallet in your front pocket is your best defense. It’s relatively difficult for somebody to fish objects out of the front pockets of your pants (wrap it with a rubber band and see how hard it’s to remove).

Most experienced travel experts recommend wearing a belt for your valuables, and that’s a superb idea for on-shore excursions.

For women, choose a handbag or bag that you simply can wear diagonally across your body – this makes it harder for a thief to grab it. Don’t hang your bag on the rear of your chair once you stop for a coffee either because that’s too easy to steal.

A lot of restaurants and bars have started putting hangers at your knees where you’ll hang your bag out of sight, but if you don’t have that option, you can put your foot through the strap and keep it at your feet. Putting the leg of your chair through the strap is also an option.


Disembark alongside your valuables

When it’s time to disembark, make sure to hold on to your valuables if you decide to put your luggage within the hallway to be carried for you to the airport. After all, that hallway is public and anyone can devour your luggage and drag it away to be pilfered!

Other tips include taking a picture of all your belongings as you pack, ensuring your luggage is locked at ALL times even if you’re indoors, attach your name to your suitcases; a duct tape can be used for that.

You can also attach colorful materials on your suitcase as a means of identification and finally,  purchase travel insurance for your trip.

If you can adhere to these tips, you can reduce the risk of being robbed of your belongings to the barest minimum.