This guide will show you precisely how to remove RV light covers when camping.

You will also discover:

  • Reasons why campers remove their RV light covers,
  • The necessary items used when removing RV light covers,
  • Some safety precautions that need to be carried out when removing RV light covers,
  • And many more.

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How to Remove RV Light Covers

Reasons to Remove an RV Light Cover

There are a few reasons why campers choose to remove their RV light covers.

When it comes to recreational vehicles in general, there are different lighting fixtures and displays on the interior of RVs.

These various lighting fixtures help in increasing visibility inside the RV. They usually come with a covering that protects them from damage while on the road or in nature.

Most campers learn how to remove these RV light covers so they can experience the full brightness of their installed lighting fixtures.

Some choose to do it to carry out effective cleaning.

While for others, it could be that the RV light cover needs to be replaced because it got broken or damaged.

But the primary reason why every camper chooses to remove his or her RV light covers is to replace a blown-out or faulty bulb.

Removing RV light covers can be done, but it all depends on the model of the recreational vehicle you are using. Basically, RV light covers are mounted onto lighting fixtures using a fastening mechanism that holds them in place, firmly, either with some clippings or screws.

When learning how to remove RV light covers when camping, the type of lighting fixtures installed in the RV interior is also an essential factor to consider.

Most RV light covers require that you slide or gently pinch both sides and pull it out with your bare hand, while others will require some mechanical assistance.

Tools Needed to Remove RV Light Covers

Some tools needed to remove RV light covers held together by mechanical fasteners include:

  • A pair of electrical hand gloves
  • Pliers
  • Scrapers
  • Screwdrivers

PS: The pair of electrical hand gloves will protect you from any leaking current, or getting injured while handling one of the other two sharp tools.

Now, once you can identify the mechanisms holding your RV lighting fixtures firmly, the next step would be to remove the lighting covers.

How to Remove RV Light Covers?

How to Remove RV Light Covers

The first step to take when trying to remove an RV light cover is to identify any potential screw outlets or openings that could be manipulated safely.

Most RV light covers are protected by some plastic tabs at the back of the mainframe.

You can see these little tabs by using either your screwdriver or pliers by popping the light covers’ brackets out of place.

And once this is done, proceed to use your screwdriver to remove the screws holding the lighting cover.

By so doing, you have successfully removed the RV light cover, and then you can go ahead to change the blown-out bulb, or whatever.

Like I said earlier, RV lighting fixtures come with different types of mechanisms and fasteners that hold them firmly.

Some of them include:

1. Grooves

RV light covers that are held together by grooves have a somewhat narrow edge that fits into the groove on the surface of the lighting base.

When trying to remove RV light covers that are held together by grooves, simply place your fingers against the edge of the lighting covers, then apply a little just a little pressure toward the center and lift the RV light covers out.

2. Latches

Latches, in a way, have a similar resemblance to grooves.

To remove an RV light cover that is held together by latches, simply squeeze in from both sides of the lighting and pull back at the same time.

3. Pries

If you are finding it difficult to notice a groove or latch when removing your RV light cover, there’s a high possibility that the lighting cover is held firmly with a Pry mechanism.

And just as the name goes, you will have to pry the RV light covers to remove them and get access to the bulbs.

But, you have to be very careful when doing this to avoid damaging the light covers in the process of forcing it out.

Often, tools with thin heads like a flathead screwdriver work wonder when it comes to removing RV light covers that are held firmly with pry mechanisms.

Once you are done replacing the blown-out bulb or for whatever reason you chose to remove the RV light cover, you should put the cover back to where it belongs.

If, for any reason, you chose to clean the light covers, make sure it gets dry thoroughly before re-coupling it back to the lighting fixture.


The best step to take when learning how to remove RV light covers during camping is to always look at the instructions on the RV lighting manual. This is because there are specific tools and procedures which may be listed there that can help you out with this operation.

Most RV lighting companies have their company website, which you can easily log on to learn more about their lighting fixtures. Some will even provide a section where you can learn how to remove RV light covers when camping.

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