Are you in search of the best places to visit in New York City? Maybe you plan on going to New York for your next holiday and want it to be a funfilled experience by visiting some exciting locations in NYC. I’ll be sharing with you in a moment; 15 amazing places to visit in New York City.

New York City as it is normally referred to is believed to be one of the most important cities in the universe.

The Big Apple as the city is alternatively known is marked for being busy always and its diversity. No wonder she earned the name: “the city that never sleeps”.

With all her effort so far, New York City has achieved fame within and beyond its continent as some important places and buildings are found there. Buildings like the World Trade Center, headquarters of the United Nation, Statue of Liberty just to name a few.

New York is the most populated city in the United States with an estimated value of about 8,398,748 people (as of 2018) that are distributed over a landmass of about 302.6 square miles (784 km2).

places to visit in new york city

Apart from being populated, it has also been described and recognized as the cultural, financial and media capital of the world at large. So far, New York has impacted greatly certain sectors like entertainment, technology, education, politics, arts, fashion, tourism, sports, commerce, and research, etc.

New York with regards to all of its beauties, diverse activities, and its great landmass has proven beyond reasonable doubt to be a place of endless number of attractions to be explored.

So, if you are traveling to New York for holiday or any other activity and you are thinking of amazing places to visit in New York City, you definitely won’t be disappointed as there are just too many fascinating places to visit in NYC.

In this post, I’ll be listing out 15 of some of the most interesting locations you should have in mind when thinking of certain places to visit in New York; destinations that will not just be fun to you but also add value to your edutainment life.

Below is a list of the most interesting and attractive places to visit in New York City.

15 Places to Visit in New York City

1. Grand Central Terminal

Are you looking to easily navigate around the city of New York? This terminal is an easy way out.

A structure of majestic sculptures, high marbled walls, and a towering ceiling. The striking look of this building has wondered and attracted millions of people from all works of life around the globe.

Another interesting thing to check out when you finally get a chance to visit the Grand Central Terminal in New York City is the adornment of the south entrance of this great building with a sculptural design by Jules-Alexis Coutan.

A design that surrounds the terminal’s iconic clock. Standing as tall as fifty feet high is Mercury the Roman god of business and travel, flanked by Minerva goddess of wisdom and the powerful strength of Hercules.

I bet this structure is definitely a good sight to behold and creativity to witness, it seems more godlike creativity.

If you cannot go to the Grand Central Terminal for the sake of its high and marbled walls, at least do not fail to behold the sculptures. It is just too magnificent for you not to behold.

2. Empire State Building

With a view from the 102nd floor of Empire State Building, you can easily see as far as over 80 miles away into the surrounding states. Honestly, in a funny and imaginary way, that’s like looking into the future.

One who makes a trip to the United States with the intention of looking for some places to visit in New York City, cannot easily out-think the idea of not visiting this great structure.

At the crossroad of Fifth Avenue and West 34th street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, is exactly where The Empire State Building is situated. It has been said that the building derived its name from New York’s nickname: Empire State.

Just for the records, the Empire State building once stood as the world’s tallest building for about 40years from its completion, not until the appearance of the World Trade Center in 1972.

Currently, the Empire State Building is now the 23rd tallest building in the universe.

3. Central Park

With the presence of this place, I highly do not think there could be any playground bigger than this Central Park. Positioned right in the middle of the city, it’s more of a home for fun, rest and making new friends.

This park has featured in stuff like Hollywood productions and other numerous TV shows. There are other side attractions like Central Park Zoo, lake, Strawberry Fields just to name a few. Central Park is a vast place to be, so to go around tirelessly, you can consider renting a bike.

4. Fifth Avenue

Often regarded as the New York shopping center. Anyway, not just any shopping center but a premium shopping center.

Hold on, you don’t need to get discouraged about the “premium” added to it because; you also don’t need to be a million-dollar-earner to visit and afford what’s sold there.

The Fifth Avenue shopping center offers a very attractive view which can allow for excellent window shopping.

5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Are you a lover of arts or an art collector? Then this is a place you would definitely want to spend a whole lot of time.

It’s been recognized that The Metropolitan Museum of Art has gathered nothing less than 2 million artworks from around the globe. What an impressive figure.

The gathering of their artworks has ranged from African countries like ancient Egypt to middle-aged Europe. If you’re an art lover with a special choice and taste for artworks, trust me, you’ll definitely meet your taste here.

The variety of their artwork is nothing to be compared.

6. Niagara Falls

I wouldn’t be far-off the truth when I say the Niagara Falls is more of a romantic place to visit. And maybe that’s why she is also known as Honeymoon Capital of the World.

But that doesn’t stop travelers from all class of life to visit this wonderful destination and you also shouldn’t be stopped.

Niagara Falls is located on the borderline with Canada. Interestingly, the view of the falls can be enjoyed by both views but it has been said that the view from Canada tends to be the most impressive.

However, Americans are able to get much closer to the roaring waters. If there is need to explore, you are faced with the choice of taking a boat ride at the base of the falls.

7. The Statue of Liberty

At an estimated height of over 150 feet is exactly how tall The Statue of Liberty stands. The Statue of Liberty is one of the world’s most popular statues in the world and definitely, a good place to visit in New York on your next trip.

A view of New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan from the crown of this lady statue is worth the climb and the whole experience at large.

8. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the world’s first steel bridge constructed in 1883. The bridge is believed to be the longest bridge in the world with a length of 1825 meters, not until 1903.

An approved estimate of $15.5 million was the total cost of the bridge. Unfortunately, history has it that about 27 lives were lost in the course of the construction of the bridge.

 The bridge serves as a connecting factor of Manhattan and Brooklyn. If there are places to visit in New York City, Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one of them, if not for the beauty of it, at least for the lives lost during its construction.

9. Catskills

This is a destination you would really love to be on your next trip. One of the main reasons you would want to go on a hike or drive to this place is the availability of the Catskill Forest Preserve.

The Forest Preserve is known to be a home for nature, wildlife and other attractive sporting activities and the good news is, locating this place won’t and shouldn’t be a problem. Just an hour drive north of New York City and you’ll be in Catskills Mountains.

If you are looking for culture, I would advise you to check out the Hudson River School Art Trail, where stops are inclusive of popular landmarks and landscapes that have long been painted by local artists.

10. Ithaca

Sitting at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake, in New York’s Finger Lakes Region is none other than the town of Ithaca or college town of Ithaca as it is otherwise known.

This town has historically been known for two things: its higher campuses with regards to education and the surrounding landscape of waterfalls. If you’re already pondering on places to visit in New York City, this is one of the places you’re likely to create time for.

Moreover, if you happen to find yourself at Ithaca, you should take that chance and check out the Ithaca College and Cornell University.

Cornell’s campus happens to be the home of the iconic clock tower and you know you could make use of a tour at this point to the collection of Johnson Art Museum.

Afterward, you can visit some restaurants and local shops should you choose to and also check out their waterfalls. This is one place you’ll definitely enjoy.

11. Buffalo

Buffalo I’ll say is the central part of cultural and educational activities located chiefly in Upstate New York.

An ideal place to kick off your tour when you eventually visit Buffalo is the Erie County Historical Society Museum; I see it as a great place for artistic discoveries and experience.

In Buffalo, you’ll come across the Nash House, a place that is associated with early civil rights movements and also the founding of the NAACP.

You can also use this opportunity to tour the Buffalo Zoo if you are a lover of wild animals. Interestingly, the Buffalo Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the entire country of the United States.

12. Hudson River Valley

The Hudson River Valley is actually a cool place to be. It’s a home of nature and agriculture, making it a foodie’s dream destination.

It’s so popular to the point that some chefs in New York City are striving to move to the Hudson River Valley to set up farm-to-table eateries and this is actually a nice one as it’ll save tourists the stress of looking for restaurants in such rural areas.

Organic farms, farmer’s markets, local wineries, and artisan cheese-makers are now the order of the day over there in Hudson River Valley.

Speaking of the location Hudson River Valley extends along the Hudson River all the way of Troy and Albany down to the north of Westchester, just north of New York City. It really shouldn’t be a problem to locate.

13. Thousands Islands

Often referred to as a place of vacation for mostly the rich and famous though, open to all travelers from all class of life; the Thousands Island is located at a scenic spot where the St Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario very close to the Canadian border.

You can take a boat to tour this Island so as to see amazing structures that make it what it actually is.

The Thousands Island is a sure place to go and spend your vacation and I sincerely believe you won’t regret that very move.

14. Watkins Glen State Park

Just like Ithaca, this park is also located along Finger Lakes Region although in the southern end of Seneca Lake.

Are you looking forward to some extraordinary view or experience? Watkins Glen State Park is the right place to get that. They have earned the reputation of leaving visitors entranced.

The Watkins Glen State Park features a series of over 19 waterfalls that can be covered with almost two miles of hike or an estimate of about 800 stone steps.

Outside nature’s touch of this awesome place, there are other side attractions like swimming pool, picnic facilities and a well-guided tour of the local topography.

15. Ellis Island

Last on my list is the Ellis Island, situated at the bay of New York. The Island happens to be a historic spot where over 12 million immigrants entered the United States from Europe and other parts of the world.

The Island is undoubtedly part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and home also to a museum of immigration.

How immigrants came to America in search of greener pastures, the workers who took good care of the immigration process and those who also took charge of the Island running are exactly the stories the museum tells more.

It also has a display of historical artifacts from both Liberty and Ellis Islands in an informative way.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for the list of places to visit in New York City. Perhaps subsequently we will be updating the list with more exciting locations.

With the above list, your next trip to New York City is guaranteed to be not just a fun-filled experience but a touch of culture, art, history and other whatnot.

Are there other locations in New York that you think should be on this list? Do well to leave a comment and we will consider updating the list as per your suggestion.