There are lots of things to do in Modesto, most of which depend on your travel budget, and the purpose of your trip. 

The memory you get from visiting a place is one of the many reasons people choose to take short vacations to amazing places or go on adventurous trips with family and friends.

Well, if you’ve chosen Modesto as a place to visit and catch fun with family or friends, here are some things you can do during the course of your visit.

Best & Fun Things to Do in Modesto

Below are some fun things you can do in Modesto.

1. Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center

This is definitely one of the many things to do in Modesto for fun; especially for those who wish to take diving tours, watch amazing divers perform tremendously, or even learn how to dive.

Now, you don’t have to worry about how this can be possible…


20-best-things-to-do-in-modesto-for-fun-2022-visit-the-aquatic-dreams-scuba-center Credit: MapQuest

The Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center’s main goal is to make anyone’s diving dreams to reality; this is achieved through its many diving training for new visitors, provision of a vast variety of diving equipment, and most importantly, giving visitors an opportunity to dive travel and lifestyle, all at a really affordable price.

All through your stay here, you’ll not only have a sensation of sea sports but will also get the opportunity to experience real-life sea animals, having to see them through crystal-clear water.

A visit to the Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center will always leave you with a reason to come back.

You can also engage in its top-notch scuba diving classes, friendly swim lessons, lifeguarding, CPR, and many others. The Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center is located at 1212 Kansas Ave Modesto, California, and is open from 1 pm to 5 pm daily.

2. Stanislaus River Rafting

Have you been lurking for some amazing water recreational activities to do? Then get your watery boots ready because you have just found the best place for that.

Stanislaus River is a place where rafters meet to create amazing memories on its amazing water surface.

Aside from the fun that it entails, the beautiful cool sea breeze from the Stanislaus also helps to cool you down from all the rash incurred all through the hot summer season.

20-best-things-to-do-in-modesto-for-fun-stanislaus-river-rafting Credit: Grand Canyon

As you hop into your raft at any of the Stanislaus’ shores, guild yourself for some amazing water battles with your fellow tourists; thus, helping you to make new friends whilst on your tour.

There are also cliffs along the way where you can tie your raft, climb up the cliffs and have some fun jumping from in and out of the river. Now, you don’t need to get bothered about getting tired as there are many sandy beaches where you can stop to relax, eat, and have a treat with family and friends, and fellow co-tourists like you.

The Stanislaus River is located at 122122 K Street, Modesto, 95354, California, with full-day trips starting at $20 and are in turn family-friendly.

3. Alexander Gutierrez Video Gaming Center

Now I’m pretty sure that the kids will like it here…

If you’re a person that also fancies video gaming or sees it as something you should try out, then you need to head straight to the Alexander Gutierrez Video Gaming Center and get the best out of it.

A visit to the Alexander Gutierrez Video Gaming Center is definitely one of the best things to do in Modesto for fun.

best-things-to-do-in-modesto-for-fun-alexander-Gutierrez-Video-Gaming-Center Credit: Modbee.com

The Alexander Gutierrez Video Gaming Center is a place where video gamers from around the globe meet in a competitive environment. You’ll also get the chance to challenge other talented gamers and get better at your sport.

This place offers all kinds of games you can ever think of, and as many as thirty (30) well-spaced gaming stations for contesters and participants. Thus, even if you don’t like playing but enjoy seeing others playing, the Alexander Gutierrez Video Gaming Center also got you covered.

There are more than enough seats available for spectators to sit and watch gamers battle each other in a quest for victory.

The gaming hub is located at 142 N 9th Street #1, Modesto, California 95350.

4. Let’s Roam Modesto

Just as the name goes, Let’s Roam Modesto is an adventure and tour company committed to helping curious explorers discover new and amazing things about Modesto.

You and some other tourists will be grouped in badges and taken for whole day tours around Modesto, and as far as this city is concerned, this is one of the best things to do in Modesto for fun.


Some of the ways Let’s Roam Modesto does this include but are not limited to; digitally-guided scavenger hunt tours, custom events, virtual games, and team-building activities. At Let’s Roam Modesto, you’re sure to make unforgettable memories as you flow along with all the tours it offers.

5. Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt of Modesto

After a long stay in Modesto, you may have done all the fun things you knew about and maybe feel bored. Well, at the Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt of Modesto, you’ll just discover that you’ve done not up to half of the things that exist in Modesto.

Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt of Modesto is a setup that aims at showing tourists the best of Modesto by giving them daily scavenging exercises.

Credit: Trip Advisor

The scavenger hunts here aren’t the type people do for occupation so don’t worry about being stressed up. It’s full of fun and very exciting to visit new places and discover new things. After signing up, the scavenger hunt app will be installed on your smartphone through which you will be given a list of challenges to complete and riddles to solve.

You’ll be assigned to a supervisor who will monitor you remotely to assist you along the way. To beat the challenge, you’ll need to find all the requested items in Modesto. Good luck!

6. Zombie Scavengers of Modesto

Another exciting place for Scavenger hunts in Modesto is the Zombie Scavengers of Modesto. It operates almost like the Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt where you’ll be given a list of challenges via the scavenger hunt app to complete and survival items to find. But this time, you get more fun at a slightly higher cost.


At the Zombie Scavengers of Modesto, you’ll be selected into survival teams and each team would be given a similar goal. It’s an adventure in Modesto to survive the zombie apocalypse where you’ll funnily discover the famous city.

7. Visit the McHenry Mansion

The best thing to do during a tour is to view historic artifacts. It gives a feeling of life and makes you appreciate the advancements we currently enjoy. These and more are what the McHenry Mansion offers. It drags you back to the 19th century with its amazing beauty. And most interestingly, it’s free of charge! However, you can make free-will donations.

Credit: Trip Advisor

Come in and enjoy this amazing architecture which was built in 1883 and has been open to the public as a tourist destination since 1983. You and your family can take tours within the Mansion to see the exciting designs that have evolved into what we have today. Don’t bother about running out on snacks or drinks, their Visitors Center and Gift Store are more than enough for you.

This Lavished mansion is open to all sorts of gatherings ranging from weddings to recitals. Their restroom facilities among other things make the perfect place to entertain your guests.

Address: 906 15th Street, Modesto, CA 95354

8. Gallo Center for the Arts

Those who say art is life aren’t wrong, they must have visited the Gallo Center for the Arts. At Gallo Center for the Arts, you’ll find amazing art performances which can keep your camera lens extremely busy. It was funded by the local Gallo family and now stands as one of the most beautiful theaters in Northern California.

Credit: JsFarchs

This facility is a favorite place to see a concert. Reviews from tourists tell clearly that it is a portable space where you can’t afford to miss any part of a concert regardless of where you sit. For some, an invitation to the Gallo Center for the Arts means more than an entire month of fun somewhere else.

The ushers are experienced and friendly, and though all the seats are comfortable they’ll help you get the best seats. The acoustics are excellent.

Address: 1000 I St, Modesto, CA 95354-2381

9. John Thurman Field

Whether you’re playing or watching, baseball games are interestingly fun-packed and at the John Thurman Field, you’re set to get the best. At John Thurman Field, you’ll have an amazing time with ball games on its amazing baseball court. Baseball players at the John Thurman Field are very talented and often perform new mind-blowing skills during every baseball game.


As you watch the ball games, you’ll have access to munchies from the concession stand which you can’t help but enjoy. Most interestingly, the tickets and concession prices are affordable. There are also fireworks programs before and after some games to keep you excited.

Address: 601 Neece Dr, Modesto, CA 95351-3772

10. Great Valley Museum

If you’re a fan of wildlife, culture, and science-driven arts, then the Great Valley Museum is highly recommended. It was created by Modesto Junior College and indeed has earned her good credits as a place to visit and have fun. It offers exciting displays of the best of California’s wildlife with interactive explorations.

You’ll also have a lot to see through its wide astronomical environment. A tour around it could take about 11/2 hours but it’s worth it. You and your family can have exciting moments around and there is a gift shop next to the entrance and exit.

Credit: MercedCountyEvents

Periodically, the Great Valley Museum will be refurbished and things will take a new look so you can’t see it all. People who have visited the Great Valley Museum tell that it is a good way to spend a couple of hours whenever natural history appeals to you.

Address: 2201 Blue Gum Ave, Modesto, CA 95358-1052

11. The State Theatre

Even if you can afford to watch a movie at home, the experience cannot be compared to that of a state art theatre. The State Theatre, it’s an amazing combination of comfortable seats and a large HD display. Visiting the State Theater is a walk back to early Modesto because both its architecture and operational pattern reflect the ancient Modesto community.

Credit: CinemaTreasures

At the State Theatre, you’ll have a combination of epic movies, bone-cracking comedy shows, and even live music events. As you and your family enjoy the fun while seating side by side with each other, you can buy some food/popcorn and drinks within the hall to keep you going.

Interestingly, both the tickets, snacks, and parking lots are affordable. So if you’re thirsting for a place to catch interesting new movies in a warm atmosphere, head straightaway to the State Theatre.

Address: 1307 J St, Modesto, CA 95354-0924

12. Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route

Your tour in Modesto will not be complete if you don’t visit the Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route. It’s a fun park that describes Modesto’s cruising experience dating as far back as the ’60s.

It is filled with both classic and vintage cars that will give you a clue as to how Modesto was in ancient times. With numerous car shows and artistic driving performances, it’s indeed a cruise route to celebrate with.

Credit: Trip

Most people take coming here as a mark of George Lucas’s memorial. Offering you an exciting self-guided tour, you’ll be able to meet new friends along the way as well. Don’t bother about the crowd, the organizers are doing an excellent job at managing the crowd to ensure it remains a family event to celebrate Modesto’s amazing history. It’s indeed a cool, artistic, display in Modesto!

Address: 1010 10th St, Modesto, CA 95354-0859

13. Tuolumne River Trail

If you wouldn’t mind hiking in Modesto, you can visit the Tuolumne River Trail where you’ll appreciate Modesto from a hiker’s perspective. It’s made up of a 2-mile wide paved multi-use trail for both bikes and walkers as well as a playground for kids.

You’ll enjoy a long walk along the cool Tuolumne River and have a good BBQ at strategic locations. A little bit of wildlife exposure with the stray cats who will pant until you drop petty crumbs in their path. Launch your swimming adventures in any of her numerous parks and swimming areas.

Credit: AllTrails

Don’t worry about the skies because even on sunny days, the large Oak, and Walnut trees standing at both edges of the track keeps the entire area shaded. It’s quite a lovely and quiet environment as very few people hike on this easy-to-walk trail.

You could either enjoy some conversation with a friend or get a good run-in for exercise. It’s a short trail, but worth the stop!

Address: 1198 Tioga, Modesto CA

14. Vintage Faire Mall

During a tour in Modesto, it will be cool to return home with tangible items from the Vintage Faire Mall. It gives you a memory of the fun you had in Modesto. However, that’s not all the Vintage Faire Mall has to offer you.

Its shops are filled with amazing products which you may not be able to find anywhere else in the entire Modesto. It also has a standard food court with numerous food options and a Disney store where you’ll get unimaginable fun.


Being a large collection of unique items, the mall could be the best option for buying presents for friends and family.

More to what the Vintage Faire Mall offers is a seat for adults to relax and take discussions and a playground the kids can’t afford to miss. Its environment is clean, cool on a hot day, and void of home lookers. If you want to see it all, plan to spend several hours.

Address: 3401 Dale Rd, Modesto, CA 95356-0505

15. Brenden Theatres

Even if you don’t derive joy from watching long movies and easily get bored, the Brenden Theatres will not let you leave anytime soon with its amazing display and warm atmosphere.

Every time you visit the Brenden Theatres, you’ll watch the latest movies most of which you cannot find in other theatres around.


At Brenden Theatres, you need not worry about customer satisfaction because all the staffs there are up to their task. The security and restroom services are also superb. Take advantage of their fresh Popcorn, candy, and ice cream supplies as you fix your eyes forward while seated on a comfortable sofa.

Address: 1021 10th St, Modesto, CA 95354-0848

16. Modesto Arch

The Modesto Arch is a neon arch in the downtown area of Modesto. This old amazing engineering breakthrough stands at the entrance of Modesto and reflects the dreams, history, and future of all who live in Modesto.


It serves as a spectacular way to give visitors a clue about Modesto which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You may overlook it in the daytime or may not even notice it but it will give you a reason to stand up to it at night. Visitors say it is the most beautiful arch ever seen by mankind.

17. Mistlin Gallery

Visiting an art gallery will mean a lot to you at the Mistlin Gallery which is most times called the center of the Modesto Arts. There are a lot of local and professional artists present whose artistic works would leave you amazed.

As you progress through the hall you will discover fine and unusual paintings from abstract to contemporary all of which are beautiful to admire.


Mistlin Gallery offers photograph shoots as well as art classes from which you can partake. Hop into the Mistlin Gallery and buy artistic pieces featured in quilts, ceramics, sculpture, drawings, and paintings.

There are also restaurants around where you could have good and affordable meals. You could also take advantage of its jewelry store to surprise your loved ones with adorable outfits.

Address: 1015 J St, Modesto, CA 95354-0803

18. Escape Modesto

At 50 you may think it’s no longer time to play escape room games but an hour or two in the Escape Modesto Game center will prove you wrong.

Well, escape rooms are the newest way to encourage social involvement as well as mental elevation, and Escape Modesto offers nothing less. Escape Modesto has a lot of exciting rooms with entirely different structures and arrangements.

Credit: ModestoView

During an escape adventure at Escape Modesto, players are shared into groups and each group would be locked inside a room for an hour with just their wits. You’ll need to employ problem-solving abilities and teamwork, and smart Ideas to escape. Before each session, you’ll be properly addressed and given some clues about the tricky terrain.

Address: 912 11th St Lower Level Suite A, Modesto, CA 95354-2382

19. Boomers Modesto

When fun matters most, Boomers is the best option for you. It offers a blend of wide space and a warm environment to entertain your birthday, corporate parties, and all kind of festive events.

You could also spend an amazing time with friends and family watching the exciting happenings here.

Credit: AmusementsParks

It offers attractions like Thrill Ride, Batting Cages, Go-Karts, Flame Thrower, Sports Bar, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Miniature Golf, Lil’ Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Lazer Tag, the Arcade Snack, and many more. It also offers top-notch food and confectionaries to keep you active. Boomers is indeed the perfect place for fun!

Address: 4215 Bangs Ave, Modesto, CA 95356-8714

20. Rockin’ Jump

This is the last on the list but isn’t the least. The fun at Rockin’ Jump is exceptional since it does not just offer exciting fun but also aids your physical body fitness. It’s a fun place for both adults, teenagers, and young children.

Credit: ActionParkSource

They have trampolines and a sizeable foam pit where you could do all the flips and tricks you can think of. Most people love coming here because they can practice their combating skills at their balance beam where you’ll have to knock opponents off in an epic contest.

They also have a mini-basketball court where you could practice basketball and dodge ball. This is a place that your whole family can go to and have fun!

Address: 1700 McHenry Ave Ste 50, Modesto, CA 95350-4373