The best place to live on Vancouver Island can be selected from any one of the following:

  1. South Island
  2. Nanaimo/Campbell River
  3. Cowichan
  4. Southern Gulf Islands
  5. Sunshine Coast
  6. Pacific Rim
  7. North Island

Now, one might be wondering, how the Vancouver Island (which lies off the North-Eastern Pacific Ocean, as part of the Canadian province of British Columbia) could gain the world’s attraction today; but, a deep study of the amazing features here shows proof of why this 31,285km2 area land could win the minds of about 846,278 people living in it, and have more and more tourists from around the world coming to visit yearly.


Aside from the blissful feeling of the mild sea breeze, there is also more to enjoy when having to live in the world’s famous Vancouver Island. Talking of its natural attributes, the beautiful rainforest, small mammals, amazing sea animals, among so many other ecologic characteristics incumbent on the Island, make it a one-stop choice place for you to live in.

But booking the next available flight straight away without having prior knowledge of the best place to live on Vancouver Island may not guarantee you the perfect experience for your stay. Thus, this guide hopes to help you discover the best place to live on Vancouver Island on your next visit to Canada.

Best Place to Live on Vancouver Island

The following places listed below should give you a pretty good idea for the best place to live on Vancouver Island on your next visit to Canada:

#1: South Island

Being the most populated area on the island, South Island Vancouver Island still does not stop residents from going after it. This can be related to the island’s quiet, serene and peaceful attributes.


Special thanks to its numerous parks, beaches, variety of  recreational facilities, yoga studios and the Galloping Goose and Lochside which are two of Canada’s best family hiking and biking routes.

South Island’s wide range of quality restaurants among the earlier mentioned makes it serve as the best place to live on Vancouver Island for family vacations and paid trips.

#2: Nanaimo & Campbell River

Nanaimo/Campbell River is the best place to live on Vancouver Island for those who fancy leisure, sports and mini athletic activities. Nanaimo is home to a mini golf park and hundreds of single-track mountain biking trails between Nanaimo and Cumberland.


Places like the harbor city of Nanaimo and the fishing mecca of Campbell River are one of the best places for exciting land and sea activities that you cannot afford to miss. This place is also perfect for those who get most excited about seeing artistic creations as the Qualicum Beach Museum is always there to serve you right.

#3: Cowichan

Being an art fanatic, Cowichan is the best place to live on Vancouver Island due to its wide range of skilled sculptors who have displayed a variety of beautiful locally made items over the years.


Living in Cowichan, Vancouver Island is also an amazing experience for those who fancy both recorded and live music performances. As a matter of fact every community in Cowichan has a vibrant arts scenery that accommodates nearly two dozen art groups, alongside a good amount of renowned artists who render wonderful music performances to residents.

#4: Southern Gulf Islands

The Southern Gulf Islands ranked #52 in NY Times list of the best places to go in 2016, and up to date, this place still stands out amongst immigrants looking to come to Canada to stay.

The Southern Gulf Islands Vancouver is your #1 stop for quality relaxation in Canada.


Thus, after a tedious year made up of hectic office activities and work stress, the Southern Gulf Islands is the best place to live on Vancouver Islands when just trying to take a chill pill.

The Southern Gulf Islands Vancouver also houses several spas and physical fitness facilities that are commonly used for holistic therapies, hydrotherapy, Reiki, sea-salt scrubs, reflexology, aromatherapy, mineral baths and lots more.

To aid with rapid relaxation, the place also accommodates several artistic works which are easily accessible in both public and private galleries.

#5: Sunshine Coast

A little distance from North Vancouver lies the famous sunshine coast which serves as a beautiful tourist center for visitors who enjoy mount climbing adventures.


Now, you don’t get frightened by the name, Sunshine Coast that gives a first impression of heavy sun activities and heat that tend to prompt a bad day, the sunshine coast of Vancouver Island is actually a warm place to live in and offers you a relaxed pace of life.

#6: Pacific Rim

If you’re a surfer or you’ve always aspired to watch surfers take an amazing ride on the deep-blue sea, then the Pacific Rim is the best place for you to live in on the Vancouver Island of Canada.

The Pacific Rim in the Island of Vancouver, Canada has an eye-catching Beach that is as large as 35 kilometers that is explored by millions of tourists yearly.


Alongside the beautiful corals, off its numerous waterfalls, you definitely cannot afford to get your eyes off the amazing clashes of the sea waves present on the Pacific Rim.

This place, as well holds a long rooted history as a capital for salmon fishing which makes it preferred by most fishermen around the world today.

#7: North Island

The north island region of Vancouver island begins at the boundaries of Campbell River and extends northward to the windswept tip at Cape Scott of the island.


Sighting bears, whales and other amazing sea animals, this place has a story for everyone who visits to take back home.

It also offers outings in world class cabin cruisers that gives you a pretty good view of some of the most amazing sea creatures known to man, creatures like the orcas, humpback whales, porpoises, Steller sea lions, Minke whales, harbor seals and many more.