The following best hiking regions in Austria were being judged based on two major factors:

  • Accessibility
  • Comfort
  • Fitness

The last time I went for a hike, I could remember the number of times I fell off and stood back up running after my partner, it was indeed an exciting experience, but the bruises sustained made me regret the location in which I chose for my hike.


Your choice of location for a hike plays a major part in your hiking experience, and basically, your location of hike should match up your level of fitness and capability.

It’s quite amazing to choose Austria for your next hike due to its dazzling scenery combined with its comfortable warm mountain huts.

As a matter of fact, Austria is the best choice for an accessible, comfortable, exciting, and savory hiking experience in Europe. It’s one of the things this country is known for, but still, that doesn’t guarantee you the very best experience in hiking in Austria.

Thus, we’ve broken down 7 of the best hiking regions in Austria based on accessibility, comfort, and fitness.

Best Hiking Regions in Austria

Austria houses numerous hiking regions and every hiker has his/her different choices of which region best suits them the most.

But generally, the best hiking regions in Austria are:

  1. Eagle Walk
  2. Montafon Hut to Hut Circuit
  3. Karwendel High Trail
  4. Schladminger Tauern High Trail
  5. Berlin High Trail
  6. Rätikon High Trail
  7. Venediger High Trail

These are further broken down thus:

#1: Eagle Walk

Starting at St. Johann in Tirol, all the way to East Tyrol lies the world’s famous Eagle Walk that is popularly known for its long-distance hiking trail.

Aside from the name this place has acquired for itself, the Eagle Walk has offered unending excitement to incoming visitors yearly. With fun activities like hill climbing, captivating wildlife sightings, and moderately challenging terrains, all these make up a part of what you do when going on a hike in the Eagle walk.


Some major places to hike along the Eagle walk include the Karwendel, Wilder Kaiser, Brandenberger Alps, Lechtal Alps, Tux Alps, and Wetterstein Mountains.

The Eagle Walk, Austria is made up of 33 hiking stages and is best hiked around July, August, and September.

#2: Montafon Hut to Hut Circuit

If you’re the type that fancies mini-mountain climbing adventures, then the Montafon Hut Circuit is one of the best hiking regions in Austria for you.


The Montafon Circuit goes by the name “hut to hut” because of the way it accommodates a good number of huts where one can relax.

This U-shaped trail is located at Montafon Valley in Vorarlberg and starts in the crystalline Verwall range, spanning through the Silvretta range, and ending in the limestone Rätikon Alps. It is made up of 13 hiking stages and is best hiked around July, August, and September.

#3: Karwendel High Trail

Do you like seeing mountains but not just in a haste to climb them? Then the Karwendel High Trail, Austria is the best place for you. Located at Tirol, this 63-km U-shaped hiking trail goes along high alpine environments, giving you the best streaming view of the Stubai and Zillertal Alps, as well as the Inntal, Halltal, and Sammertal Valleys.


Aside from the exciting views that each hiking stage has to offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to come across some of Austria’s most conventional and welcoming mountain huts, with sensational food recipes as well.

It is a six days hiking trail that is best hiked around July, August, and September.

#4: Schladminger Tauern High Trail

The Schladminger Tauern High Trail is one of the best hiking regions in Austria. It comprises a five-day trek that is one of the least-known hiking trails, but also one of the most exciting hiking trails in the Austrian Alps.


Remarks from hikers who hike along this region have shown repeated anxiety to revisit the place due to its amazing environment, as well as its small and intimate huts are small and intimate.

The Schladminger Tauern High Trail is located in the Austrian federal states of Salzburg and Styria and it is best hiked around July, August, September.

#5: Berlin High Trail

Have you ever thought of a hiking trail where you can meet new friends? Then the Berlin High Trail is just the place for you.


Due to its popularity, a lot of hikers choose the Berlin High Train as one of the best hiking regions in Austria. This in turn ends up crowding the trail, giving you the opportunity to network with other hikers of your type.

The Berlin High Trail is located in Tirol and offers hikers an awesome view of the Zillertal Alps.

Hiking here is made up of 8 stages and is best hiked around July, August, September.

#6: Rätikon High Trail

If you’re hiking for the very first time and would not want to spend a week or more on the trail, then this is one of the best hiking regions in Austria for you to start.

Adding to the fact that this route will only take 5 days to go over, there are no storms and pricks along its track, making it a smooth trek all the way.


Beginning at Vorarlberg, down to Graubünden, this trail weaves through an amazing environment, granting you the opportunity to view amazing limestone peaks and sloping pastureland.

The Rätikon Alps High Trail Circuit is best hiked around late June, July, August, and September.

#7: Venediger High Trail

If you’re in for a blend of amazing scenery and cool natural resources, then the Venediger High Trail is definitely the best option for you.

It is located in East Tyrol and weaves through Großvenediger, Austria’s second-largest mountain. A hike in Venediger high trail meets you with amazing views of the mammoth mountains, melting glaciers, and countless waterfalls.


It is made up of 6 hiking stages and is best hiked around July, August, and September.