Camping in Aruba is a great sport!

Every single experience gained here gives you a reason to come back the next year. The opportunity to be in a new environment, and see nature’s raw form makes up some major reasons why tourists today choose to come to Aruba to camp.



Now, if you’ve picked out Aruba as your camping location, then you’re on the right track; but you should also note that, since Aruba is home to numerous campgrounds, your camping experience solely depends on the campground you choose when camping in Aruba.

The Best Campgrounds when Camping in Aruba

The 10 best campgrounds when camping in Aruba include:

  1. Ariami Rose
  2. LeNid
  3. Confort y Relajacion
  4. Ba Bap Lodge
  5. Camping para dos – a escoger segun
  6. Résidence B&L Lagon: Bungalow Atoll
  7. Piton Bungalows Ecolodges
  8. Camping National Park
  9. Carmen Hotel & Villas
  10. Virgin Islands

1: Ariami Rose

Ariami Rose ranks number one on our list of the best campgrounds for camping in Aruba, not only because of its exquisite features for visitors but also based on the many positive reviews it gets yearly from visitors.

The campground is located at Highway 417 Km 2.6, 00602, Aguada, Puerto Rico, and offers exclusive features such as fully functional air conditioners in all of its accommodations, as well as free Wi-Fi to visitors camping at the location.



The campground is also parked with an amazing natural garden and an outdoor swimming pool where you can have a good time while networking with other visitors.

The Ariami Rose campground also has a hot tub, sit-out, dining area in all units, and a barbecue spot. Pets are also allowed here on request, but this may attract some charges.

2: LeNid

At LeNid, you’re well assured to experience a heart-warming blend of hospitality and style.



This place features accommodations with access to air conditioning units and a flat-screen TV to give you the best comfort that you need.

When camping in the LeNid campground, you’ll be met with a free private parking slot, as well as a private bathroom with access to a shower or bath, and a hairdryer that allows you to have the needed privacy that you deserve.

The campground is located at Le Gosier, in the Grande-Terre region; Also note that pets are not allowed here.

3: Confort y Relajacion

The Confort y Relajacion campground features a good number of BBQ facilities, Microwaves, TVs, and Refrigerators in each apartment.

Visitors also get easy access to Wi-Fi for free in public places. You will also have access to a free private parking slot, even without a prior reservation.



This is also one of the best places for camping in Aruba as both your safety and security are guaranteed – with quick and easy access to fire extinguishers, smart smoke alarms, and other safety equipment.

The common language spoken here is Spanish.

Confort y Relajacion campground is located at Zcalle Saturno, G12 1490 Calle Saturno, Dorado, 00646 Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Pets are also not allowed here!

4: Ba Bap Lodge

In Ba Bap lodge, you get to choose between two twin beds and a complete bed, all both made available at each resident apartment.

Interestingly, pets are allowed here at no extra cost!



Wi-Fi is also made available here, in public places, for free.

Both English, Spanish, and French are generally accepted in the Ba Bap Lodge, but only kids of 5 years and above are allowed to camp here (for those camping with their kids).

Ba Bap Lodge is located at Impasse Jean-Baptiste Félix, 97122 Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe.

5: Camping para dos – a escoger segun

Not regarding its long name, the Camping para dos – a escoger segun is best rated by couples (especially couples on a honeymoon) as the best campground when camping in Aruba.



To add to the excellent experience you get to gain here, this place weaves through a unique environment where you’ll be able to see the ocean, high mountains, and gardens.

The Camping para dos – a escoger segun also offers exceptional live music performances, yoga classes, temporary art galleries, karaoke, and a massage, all for a few additional charges.

Pets and children from 3 years and above are allowed in this lodge at no extra cost.

6: Résidence B&L Lagon: Bungalow Atoll

In the Résidence B&L Lagon: Bungalow Atoll, all accommodations are fitted with air conditioner units and flat-screen TVs.

Résidence B&L Lagon: Bungalow Atoll is located at Quartier Epinay, 97228 Sainte-Luce, Martinique.



To give you the very best experience when camping in Aruba, its private bathrooms have both showers and hairdryer facilities; and unlike some other campgrounds where smoking is strictly prohibited, the Résidence B&L Lagon allows for smoking, but only in designated areas.

Every child is welcome here, regardless of their age group, but pets are strictly not allowed.

Both English and French are well-spoken here.

7: Piton Bungalows Ecolodges

The Piton Bungalows Ecolodges features all other characteristics of all other listed campgrounds here and also welcomes children of all ages.



Free Wi-Fi, laundry services, fax, and photocopying services are some other goodies that you get to enjoy at the Piton Bungalows. The Piton Bungalows Ecolodges is located at 7 Impasse Pomme Rose Cafeiere, 97126 Deshaies, Guadeloupe.

8: Camping National Park

The Camping National Park is sure one of the best places for you when camping in Aruba. It features a library where a good number of educational books can be found. It is located at Principal street #40, 57000 San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.



You also have access to facilities for massage, horseback riding, diving, cycling, hiking, canoeing, and Windsurfing, all for just a few additional costs.

Pets are allowed here at no additional charge, but the Camping National Park only welcomes children of 6 years and above.

The common languages spoken here are English, Spanish and French.

9: Carmen Hotel & Villas

In the Carmen Hotel & Villas, every unit comes with a seating area and a flat-screen TV with cable channels for you to explore. It also features services like a 2-mile Golf field, Nightclub/DJ, Bike, and walking tours for a few additional costs.



It welcomes children with no age restrictions and strictly does not allow pets.

Carmen Hotel & Villas is located at Jarabacoa Country Club La Pina, 41000 Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

The common language spoken here is mainly Spanish.

10: Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands campground offers an ocean view terrace, Cable and Satellite channels on all its TV units, a Library, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and 24-hour Security.



The Virgin Islands campground is located at Limestone Road Lot 64, 00802 Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Pets are not allowed here, but there are definitely no age restrictions for children here. The common language spoken here is English.


It costs roughly À468 ($260) daily when camping in Aruba, with visitors spending an average of À97 ($54) daily on meals and À46 ($26) on local transportation.

The total cost of camping in Aruba also depends on how many you are visiting the city. But basically, camping in Aruba for one week for a single person costs about À3,279 ($1,830).