Even if you are a tourist or resident in San Diego, that has a preference for the local market (little retail) over San Diego shopping centers, it is completely fine.

However, don’t you think to sacrifice your time, and hard-earn money in local markets only to get a low-quality product and service, is frustrating? Especially if you are on a budget.

However, it might work for you, but it won’t for me. I think the product we purchase with our hard-earn money from local markets, should provide us with the highest possible satisfaction.

Whether it’s a cheap item; it should be authentic. No regrets! Besides, I can’t put my shopping at risk, whereas, I have a better alternative – the best shopping malls in town.

Where most people get it wrong is they think going to San Diego shopping mall requires a lot of confidence and money. Thinking items might be quite expensive in malls compared to the regular stores.

But guess what? You have been lied to. In fact, it is absolutely the opposite!

For this misconception, we are going to look into the psychological research that has proven that there are certain benefits that influences the consumers’ attraction and purchasing power towards shopping in malls, rather than the local market.

On the other hand, we provided a bonus tip for those consumers who have factual beliefs and preferences for local markets. Keep reading…

Customers Start to lose control of the load behind their local shopping and make an “incredible save” while shopping in malls.


Gone are those days when shopping malls seem to be the choices of only high profile Consumers.

The best San Diego shopping spots in our list, suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are a celebrity or non-celebrity, you will definitely get what you want –if not more than expected.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to dive into a serious argument with you. Rather, I’m offering you what works with the growing world economy.

Moreover, as things become less strict and more liberal, shopping centers are becoming preferable shopping options for almost all types of consumers.

Here is what you don’t know; you can as well do your local shopping in malls. As it filled with tons of retail stores under one roof and provides a full day fun with exciting and authentic customer service.

More precisely, you get massive product discounts about 40%-70% OFF with special takeaway mostly during festive seasons.

There are play areas available, different beauteous eateries such as ice cream parlors, restaurants, coffee shops.

You can enjoy the cinema, or spend a good time shopping for groceries under one roof, without having to move around under the sun in pursuit of a product.

You can do a lot in malls compare to local markets!

3 Best San Diego Shopping Spots

Shopping Discount

You might wonder why we selected three spots out of the dozens out there. Yes, it’s true there are tons of unique shopping spots in San Diego, in which you can do some shopping.

However, what fun would it be if there are many malls within your reach, yet are not up to your taste or solve the buying problems you’ve been having?

For these reasons, we compiled a list of the 3 thoughtful San Diego shopping centers out of the best ones I and my clients have tried and tested close to one and the half decades. They’re presented below:

#1. San Diego Shopping “Seaport Village” Center.

San Diego Shopping

First and foremost, we selected The Seaport Village –the least trusted center among the other shopping malls – for a couple of reasons, though.

Firstly, a lot of customers frequently complain about “Rush” whenever they are shopping. The mall is always jam-packed with buyers.

Well, the rush is a common challenge we (potential buyers) often face that tends to be disturbing. It makes us unable to concentrate on the things we want to purchase.

Funny enough, most people aren’t doing any real shopping at all. They might come in for outing or window shopping.

However, if you have appeared for serious shopping, it’s advisable to go to a less crowded mall. That said, we recommend the Seaport Village as a go-to option.

Seaport Village is well-known for its vast shopping nature. There are over 50-plus diverse shops, 13 unique eateries lining on the shores of San Diego’s bay, with a variety of outdoor entertainment options to explore.

In Seaport Village, buyer-traffic barely occurs.

It is a 14-acre waterfront village that sets the perfect tone for finding everything you have ever wanted, spaciously.

Moreover, this center is touristy and has lots of special events such as Live Music, holidays by the bay, Santa’s Workshop, and more.

Welcome to the sunny Seaport Village, as you enjoy the spectacular bay views, outside seating looking at the sunsets and the village’s lively boardwalk.

Additionally, you can skip the urgent shopping for God’s sake and have fun. J

Have a delicious breakfast on the Bay every day at 8 am-2 pm. There are a wide variety of local craft beers, pizzas, gourmet flatbreads, and a daily fresh-made doughnut.

Also, you get to explore the Seaport Village’s special chef’s appetizers, desserts, and main courses.

The weather here is amazing, there is a lot to uncover at Seaport Village.

#2. San Diego Shopping “Las Americas Premium Outlets”

San Diego Shopping

To be frank, if you go to Las Americas Premium Outlets, you have 90% chances to win $10,000. Yeah, I once thought it was a joke too, not until a very close friend of mine won it last year.

Without fail, this year, I’m going to give it a shot. Using the same simple strategy my friend used –which I’ll be disclosing in a minute.

Also, your favorite fashion Brands are offering a huge discount, up to 65% off every product. You can benefit from the Black Friday Weekend, where you get 40% off the entire store, plus 15-20% off, as well.

I think these huge discounts are enough reason to visit this outlet. On top of that, there are other exciting things such as authentic “Shop What’s Trending Online at Cheep,” nutritious meals, dessert, and wine events alike.

Shop the new stores and find an appealing style you can wear at any time.

There are about 16 assorted stores namely; Achiote, Charleys Philly Steaks, Chicken Now, Churros El Tigre, McDonald’s, Mongus Grill, Starbucks Coffee, and more to explore.

Furthermore, the play area requires no payment. Engage in the free activity center that offers a comfortable break while shopping –located on the southwest end of the mall.

Besides, if you came with your family, you can visit the Family Restrooms and beverage machines nearby.

Having a spacious parking area is quite difficult for most San Diego shopping centers, but not for Las Americas Premium Outlets. Here you get to enjoy hassle-free, up-front parking for $5 only.

Lastly, you still have a 90% chance to win $10,000 by applying Joshua’s simple rule, which is exclusively Sign up to be a VIP. If you can register as VIP, the chance is high you might get the cash.

#3. Fashion Valley

San Diego Shopping

Discover luxury, beauty, dining, and fun only at the Fashion Valley –a.k.a Southern California’s Trendiest Destination.

Fashion Valley has the most remarkable restaurants and outdoor cafes that interspersed throughout the building.

Fashion Valley is home to 200+ stores and 30+ eateries. For this reason, the odds of finding those necessary items are greater than anywhere else.

Experience true luxury! Do you even know what that means? This mall tends to change the higher-end, to bring the highest possible satisfaction.

Each store has an appealing larger selection than other San Diego counterparts. Furthermore, non-celebrities have the privilege to experience luxury wears at an affordable price.

Experience the world’s famous clothing brands listed below:

  • Gucci: A global fashion luggage purveyor.
  • Emporio Armani: The master of effortless taste; designs beautiful menswear.
  • Louis Vuitton: Legends for travel fashionable innovative design.
  • Rolex: Swiss watch industry for best known for highly-sought men’s and women’s timepieces collectibles.
  • Prada: The Milanese brand is known for its creative intelligence in terms of purveyor leather, goods, luggage, and accessories.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo, and 44 more.

Lastly, you have three awesome getaway:

  • Holiday shopping is more recreational.
  • Santa Photo Experience.
  • Win a $10,000 shopping spree today!

In summary, I’m 100% positive these San Diego shopping malls are safe and contented. Whether you’re there to do a casual or serious shopping, these shopping centers got you covered.

Besides, who doesn’t love to see his/her favorite influencers by chance? If you visit either of these malls, you are more likely to run across your favorite celebrities. It’s a spot meant for both celebrities and non-celebrities –especially fest times.

So, which San Diego Shopping center are you going to try first?

Well, I’m curious because these three malls are all amazing. I want to know your opinion so let me know your preference by leaving a comment below right now.