Simply put: In this guide, I’ll show you how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase. The simple steps outlined in this guide will ease the carrying of your luggage(s).

Travelling is becoming more stressful day by day, even for frequent travelers. Recall your last trip to the airport and you’ll probably picture the long queues, last-minute terminal changes, and in fact, lugging around heavy luggage with a further handbag.

I really can’t offer you how to avoid all the opposite factors. But just like I mentioned, I will tell you ways to connect a backpack to a rolling suitcase to assist you to carry your luggage easily and conveniently.

How to Attach a Backpack to a Rolling Suitcase

How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase

If you’ve got a sturdy rolling suitcase, you’ll make the foremost of it by making all of your other bags roll alongside it. Aside from the normal method, there are many other methods you’ll use to connect your additional luggage to your rolling suitcase securely.

There are two basic ways to hitch various pieces of your luggage together. Either, you’ll use specialized straps and instruments to finish the task or put your backpack handle to optimum use.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have a strap, you can check out Amazon for any strap that will serve you effectively.

If you tend to travel with many individual bags, like backpacks and messenger bags for your kids, I  recommend you employ special adhesives to repair the pieces together. Nevertheless, if you’ve got just one additional bag together with your rolling suitcase, if you employ your bag handle effectively, you’re good to go.

So, I’ll break it down into steps for easy understanding on how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase.

Employing a Luggage Strap

For this system, you’ll need a durable luggage strap. Confirm you choose a high-quality product to stay your bags from toppling over one another within the middle of the airport. Once you’ve got that, the method is sort of simple. Follow these simple steps to attach your luggage together.

Step #1

First, you prepare Your Rolling Suitcase. Remember, while attaching additional pieces of bags to your rolling suitcase, you’ve got to make certain about its quality and sturdiness.

Otherwise, the suitcase will succumb under the additional weight, and you’ve got to invest in a new one. Other than that, you’ve got to organize your suitcase or largest pieces in your luggage ensemble, while packing your things.

Confirm you retain heavyweight items at rock bottom. Rock bottom of your bag is the part closest to the bottom when your bag is within the upright position. you can check out proper ways on how to pack a suitcase.

Avoid making the top too heavy because most of your additional luggage is going to be attached to the top, so you’ll get to balance the load out for accessible carrying.

Step #2

Next, you set Your suitcase up, you’ve got to place your suitcase within the ideal position. Set it upright and pull the handle out. Then Position the primary Pieces of bags. Now, grip the handle of your rolling suitcase firmly.

Take the bag you would like to connect first. This could be the second-largest bag from your luggage. Place it on the highest of your suitcase and hold it against its handle.

Step #3

Place the Strap. After that, place the bag’s strap at the rock bottom of your luggage. Start pulling it up until you’ll see the buckle of the bags strap within the middle of your bag.

Pull the Strap. Once you’re through with that, pull the opposite ends of the bag’s strap and secure them over the backs of the 2 suitcases. This may bind them together, while the strap is going to be left hanging at the front of the suitcases.

Step #4

Secure It Tightly. Make sure you purchase a strap with strong buckles and fasteners. Once you’ve pulled the straps across both of your bags, secure the buckle and pull it tight enough in order that it holds the smaller bag in place.


Using an Add-on Strap

Other than employing a luggage strap, you’ll use various sorts of add-on straps to connect your luggage. you’ll get add-on straps in several materials, sizes, and quality. If you carry quite two or three luggage bags at one, you ought to get durable leather add-on straps.

On the opposite hand, if you tend to hold light with just a further laptop bag together with your rolling suitcase, an easy nylon add-on strap with plastic fasteners will do for you. To attach your additional bags together with your rolling luggage using an add-on strap, follow the straightforward steps below.

Prepare Your Rolling Suitcase

This is almost like the bags strap joining technique. You’ll get to manage the load in your rolling suitcase to facilitate the extra luggage. Keep all the heavy items at rock bottom.

Also, when assembling the bags, confirm you place the most important one at rock bottom. then, attach all consistent with its size and weight.

Properly Position Your Suitcase

Make sure your main rolling suitcase, with which you’re getting to attach the opposite bags, is kept upright. Then, you’ll begin attaching each bag one by one.

Attach the Add-on Strap

Now, find the opening within the buckle of your add-on strap. When you see it open the buckle and fasten it to the pull-out handle of your rolling suitcase. you’ll also see a hook attached to the add-on strap. While you fasten the strap, confirm that the hook is facing outwards.

Secure the Smaller Bag

Next, grip the hanging hook of your add-on strap properly and hang the smaller bag on to your rolling suitcase. confine mind that your bag hangs ahead of your rolling suitcase to take care of the proper balance.


Using Its Handle

Even if you’re on a budget, investing in a luggage strap will make your life easier. Believe it or not, carrying all of your luggage together does make a difference.

If you’re an individual who doesn’t travel that always or simply don’t want to take a position during a dedicated luggage strap, I have an idea for you.

Do not use the handle of your smaller bag to pull out the handle of your rolling suitcase, instead place it entirely around your suitcase, and voila! You’re good to go!