Daytona Beach is a famous city located in Volusia County, Florida, United State of America. It is popularly known for its wide beaches and smooth sand. It was brought into the limelight in the early ’90s for racing and high-speed automobile testing.

Is Daytona Beach Safe
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The Daytona Beach population swells and wanes just like the ocean tide. Every winter, the region’s beaches overflow with tourists looking to thaw after bearing the cold temperatures back home. Come summertime, the town feels empty by comparison.

Many of the items that make Daytona Beach a well-liked resort area also make it an honest place to measure. Fishing may be a popular pastime, and residents are often seen casting from a pier or the deck of a yacht.

Fishing’s land-based recreational counterpart is golf, and therefore the area’s affinity for the game goes back quite a century. And then, of course, there’s racing: Home to the Daytona International Speedway, the world regularly welcomes NASCAR fans from around the country.

This might suggest every aspect of life revolves around little else but outdoor pursuits, but life in Daytona Beach is balanced by museums, theaters, humanistic discipline centers, antique markets, restaurants, malls, and colleges that combine to form Daytona Beach one among Florida’s most well-rounded metro areas.

The cost of living in Daytona Beach is less than the national average thanks partially to housing costs below the national median sale price. Additionally, everyday expenses like utilities tend to be lower here, and Florida residents aren’t required to pay a state tax. However, area residents tend to earn significantly but the typical American.

Daytona Beach benefits from the constant breeze sweeping in from the ocean, which tends to chill things off. Even the cooler winter months are often pleasant.

One advantage of living on the coast is that it is easy to urge your bearings. The Atlantic is to the east and therefore the Intracoastal Waterway is to the west.

Many of us believe their own cars to urge around because the metro area’s location grants quick access to state and interstate highways. Some areas (such because the beaches) also can easily be navigated on foot or by bike.

The area’s public transportation, Votran, features a fleet of buses and paratransit vehicles, also as a commuter vanpool program. Several bus routes line most districts (Atlantic Avenue and International Speedway Boulevard), carrying passengers to nearby communities like Ormond Beach and Deltona.

The Daytona Beach International Airport is fairly small, serviced only by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue. Greyhound stops at the guts of Daytona Beach, while Amtrak services stations slightly below 30 miles inland in DeLand.

Among the various advantages of living here is that residents have access to quite just Daytona Beach itself. Creating the metro area, adjoining towns and communities like Port Orange, South Daytona, Ponce Inlet, Ormond Beach, and Holly Hill afford a variety of living choices at various prices.

Daytona Beach’s population skews older because of the metro area’s popularity as a retirement destination. The likelihood is that that a number of these residents were once among the many tourists who visit Daytona Beach annually.

While a large portion of residents is 45 and older, the Daytona Beach area is additionally home to a big millennial population.

Compared to other U.S. metro areas, Daytona Beach is not spiritual, with only about one-third of the residents identifying as religious. The most important percentage of this segment is affiliated with the Catholic Church, followed by Baptists, Pentecostals, and other Christian faiths.

Perhaps as a nod to the first days of speed trials happening along the surf, one perk that comes with living in Daytona Beach is that driving remains allowed on designated sections of the beach. Head to the beach on any nice day and you will find mile after mile of cars parked by the ocean.

Residents even have the humanities at their fingertips. Nationally recognized performers and stage presentations are offered at The Peabody Auditorium and there is always an opportunity to catch a show at the beachfront Bandshell.

After the sun goes down, Main Street draws entertainment seekers with bars and nightclubs. then there’s the Daytona International Speedway, which hosts marathons and charitable events additionally to NASCAR races.

U.S. News analyzed 125 metro areas within the U.S to seek out the simplest places to measure supported quality of life and therefore the job market in each metro area, also because of the value of living there and people’s desire to measure there.

Daytona Beach, Florida has ranked accordingly:

  • 99 in Best Places to measure
  • 54 in Best Places to Retire
  • 4 in the Fastest Growing Places
  • 10 in Best Places to measure in Florida
  • 10 in costliest Places to measure

Daytona Beach’s economy is supported by a spread of industries, from manufacturing to education to health care. Hospitality plays an outsized role within the region’s economic health, with many hotels located throughout the world.

Extensive upgrades to the historic Daytona Beach Pier, Bandshell, and Daytona International Speedway have led to an increase in development and construction jobs. and therefore the arrival of Trader Joe’s regional distribution center brought an estimated 450 jobs to the world.

The percentage in Daytona Beach is slightly less than the national average, and therefore the average annual income falls below that of other metro areas thanks to the massive number of residents employed in lower-paying jobs, like food and retail services.

After all said and done, the big question however remains: is Daytona beach safe?

As you recognize every place has some restricted areas, so in Florida or near Daytona there are few areas that are restricted or in other words, we will call it not safe. In these areas rate of crime is really high.

However, there’s a bit of good news. The rate of violence in the metropolitan area is less than the national rate in 2017 and that is progress but then  Its rate of property crime is above the national rate.